Boss Talks

Episode 76 with Tony Sousa & Andrew Dart

Recorded on:
January 31, 2024

In episode 76 of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel hosts a special episode focused on the experiences, challenges, and joys of being working fathers. Special guests Tony Sousa, VP of marketing relations for RPM Living, and Andrew Dart of VIDA, share insights into their journey of balancing fatherhood with their career journeys. They discuss the importance of setting boundaries, being present, and providing a nurturing environment for their children while also pursuing their professional goals. Throughout the discussion, they also touched on the evolving concepts of gender roles, the importance of self-care, and the value of having a strong support system both at home and at work.

*The views and opinions expressed on Boss Talks are those of the host and their guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Community Boss.

Evan Happel introduces his two guests for the episode - Andrew Dart, a Canadian father of two young daughters and Tony Sousa, a father of three with a fourth on the way. The episode revolves around the experiences of being a dad, the way they balance work, personal life, and parenthood, and their different takes on managing and taking care of their families.

The first part of the discussion is centered around the theme of balancing professional responsibilities with fatherhood. Tony Sousa shared his experiences of dealing with this struggle and how he manages to keep up with his professional duties while being available for his children. Andrew spoke about dealing with the early stages of fatherhood with two young daughters. They also questioned the idea of being the default parent, how their work intersects with their parental responsibilities, and how they handle social media and work that potentially intrude into their personal lives.

Next, they delve into the stereotypes about raising boys and girls, where each of them express their views. Andrew conveys the importance of not limiting the experiences of his daughters based on societal norms related to gender. Tony shares his sentiment, emphasizing how important it is for each child to be allowed to "bloom and blossom" into who they are meant to be.

In addition, there's discussion about how they maintain their own physical health and mental health. The fathers agree that taking care of oneself is crucial not just as an individual, but as a parent too. They are all in consensus that in order to be a good father, and to set a good example, maintaining their own mental and physical wellness is of paramount importance.

Lastly, they speak about their workplaces and the support they receive. Dart discusses his company, VIDA, a Canadian company scaling rapidly in the affordable housing sector, and how the company encourages employees to take family time. Sousa shares his experiences at RPM Living, emphasizing how the company respects the family as priority.

Overall, this episode provides an engaging and thoughtful discourse on the balancing act of fatherhood, professional commitment and personal well-being in the modern-day context.