Rentable Spaces

Make it easy to reserve and pay for your rentable spaces.

The simple way to charge for amenity rentals, including automatic refundable deposits.

Easy credit card payments built in
You set the rates: hourly, daily, or monthly
Damage deposit is automatically refunded if not used
Capture a damage deposit without charging a fee

Perfect for:

Guest suite
Community kitchen
Movie theater
Bike storage & storage units
and more

Demo & Pricing

Protect your amenity spaces with self-service, permit-based access control.

Grant access only during reservation time
Open via soft-button or dynamic pin #
Phase out fobs, clickers, and access cards
Keep amenities secure when not in use
Partners: RemoteLock, Brivo, & OpenVia

Demo & Pricing

Professional, custom-branded  signs make reservations easy.

Designed with your community brand
Access details/schedule via QR code
Promotes fair amenity usage
Available in PVC plastic and window cling

Demo & Pricing

More Amenity Boss features: