Pool Pass Boss Tags

The simple way to control your overcrowded pools.

Boss Tags™ are the simple solution to overcrowded pool problems.

Assign one to a unit or each resident
Validate in seconds
Stop unauthorized “pool parties”
Find outsiders that “hop the fence”
Made of durable thick PVC plastic
Key ring included

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Scan or tap with any smartphone to quickly validate for enforcement.

NFC tap or QR code scan for instant details
Display unit number and resident info
Display pool rules and limits

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Open pool gates or doors with built-in NFC.

Add time-based permit access control
Tap for door entry only during permit time
Keep non-residents out of your spaces

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Easy and fast digital guest pool passes.

Limit the number of guests per unit
Set daily time limits
Create a pass in 10 seconds
View the pass list for enforcement

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For more than just the pool.

Pick the Boss Tag style that works best for your community.

Amenity Pass Boss Tags

All Boss Tags are NFC-powered
Controlled access to spaces with a simple tap
Perfect for pools, clubhouses, and fitness centers
Works for any other amenity space

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Fitness Pass Boss Tags

Perfect when fitness center is the only shared space
Sell Boss Tags to properly vetted non-residents

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Resident Pass Boss Tags

The Resident Pass Boss Tag is the most flexible style
Can be used to open shared space doors
Assign one to a unit or each resident
Validate with an NFC tap or QR code scan

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More Amenity Boss features: