Boss Talks

Episode 81 with Megan Orser

Recorded on:
March 6, 2024

In episode 81 of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel interviews Megan Orser, CEO of Smart Apartment Solutions and Smart Moves LLC, and a renowned figure in the multifamily industry. The discussion covers a range of topics including the importance of the independent rental owners (IRO) community, Megan's deep involvement in the National Apartment Association (NAA), and her role in advocating for members of the multifamily sector. Megan shares her journey from initially having little interest in real estate to leading her family's business and becoming a significant voice for rental owners. The episode also delves into challenges faced by the multifamily industry, such as public perception, legislation, staffing, and tenant application fraud. Additionally, they explore the creative use of GIFs for branding and engagement, highlighting Megan's success in generating over 33 million views on Giphy. Megan emphasizes the necessity of community, smart technology adoption, and the opening of dialogues between suppliers and operators to address industry challenges collectively. The conversation concludes with Evan expressing gratitude for Megan’s support and advocating for passion-driven individuals in the multifamily sector to share their stories through Boss Talks.

*The views and opinions expressed on Boss Talks are those of the host and their guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Community Boss.

Welcome back to another episode of Boss Talks, where we delve into the minds of industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers. Today, we're thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with the dynamic Megan Orser, the smart chick behind Smart Solutions, including Smart Apartment Solutions and Smart Moves LLC.

Megan's entrepreneurial spirit is encapsulated in her leadership at Smart Apartment Solutions and Smart Moves LLC, companies renowned for their insightful, solution-oriented approach to multifamily living and management. Megan's knack for delivering valuable industry insights, free-of-charge tips, while also running a business, underscores her commitment to enhancing the multifamily landscape.  

A significant part of our discussion centered on the Independent Rental Owners (IRO) community and its profound impact on the multifamily industry. Megan, an active participant and advocate within the National Apartment Association (NAA), shares her invaluable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing IROs. Her involvement in shaping awareness and support for IROs highlights the crucial role these owners play in the industry.

Our conversation took a lively turn as we explored the fascinating world of GIFs. Megan shared her journey into leveraging social media through animated GIFs, enhancing brand engagement in a visually compelling and accessible way. Her success story in harnessing the power of GIFs for branding and communication is both inspiring and instructive for professionals looking to elevate their digital presence.

Evan takes a moment to introduce Community Boss, a pioneering solution designed to streamline the management of parking, amenities, and community spaces in multifamily complexes. The platform encapsulates the essence of making multifamily living spaces enjoyable, convenient, and revenue-generating for property managers and residents alike.

Reflecting on her experiences, Megan expressed her admiration for Community Boss's innovative solutions, predicting her eventual collaboration to enhance the living experiences within her purview. Her enthusiasm speaks volumes about the transformative potential of leveraging such platforms to address common challenges in multifamily living.

In an industry where community and belonging are paramount, Megan shares her simple yet profound approach to building both personal and professional networks: showing up. Her emphasis on consistency, whether in attendance or support, underscores the significant impact of presence in fostering relationships and driving success.

As we wrapped up this engaging episode, it was evident that Megan Orser's journey is a testament to innovation, determination, and the power of community in shaping the multifamily industry. Her insights into the IRO community, coupled with her explorations into digital engagement through GIFs, offer valuable lessons for professionals seeking to make a mark in their fields.

Join us next time on Boss Talks for more inspiring conversations with industry leaders who are redefining the landscape of multifamily living and beyond. If you're passionate about your work and have a story to share, we'd love to host you. Connect with us and become part of a community that celebrates leadership, innovation, and success in every form.

Until then, keep being the boss of your journey.