Boss Talks

Episode 06 with Leah Love Orsborn

Recorded on:
June 15, 2022

Today’s episode is full of practical ways to love and help others in the multifamily industry. Join our conversation with Leah Love Orsbon, founder of Leasing Leah.

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  • 01:24 - Meet Leah Love Orsbon, Founder of Leasing Leah 
  • 03:00 - The Launch of Leasing Leah (it’s all about helping others!)
  • 06:49 - An authentic social media presence that doesn’t lead to burnout 
  • 08:41 - The Official Apartment Management and Maintenance Support Group on Facebook
  • 10:53 - The impact of COVID, skipping lunch breaks, and not taking vacation time
  • 14:03 - How to celebrate and encourage your staff
  • 15:24 - Are we too quick to ask for prop tech integrations? 
  • 19:29 - Why digital property maps are the next big thing
  • 21:30 - Up-and-coming tech tools to pay attention to

Hola! That’s how Leah got started in the apartment industry as a Spanish-speaking leasing agent in Middle Tennessee. She quickly climbed the ladder to assistant manager, then to property manager, followed by regional leasing specialist—all at the age of twenty! 

Those priceless experiences were a natural stepping stone to Leasing Leah. “I built it out of necessity.” She works with companies that are too small for large contracts, need consulting for a new construction lease up, or general property management assistance. With nearly twenty years of experience, here are some of her hot-off-the-press tips for any property manager: 

  • Treat people the way they deserve to be treated. “I treated them the way I thought they deserved to be treated.” (I know that’s already the Golden Rule, but Leah agrees!)
  • Always be a helpful mentor. “If I'm known for nothing else, it could be how I'm helpful and guiding as a mentor.”
  • Be authentic on social media. “I try to post when it's something that I just can't contain.” This rings true for any property manager or social media manager, plus it also prevents unnecessary burnout!
  • Aim for efficiency. “You don't advance your career by not taking your lunch break or by staying late every day. You do it by learning how to make better use of that time that you are there.”
  • Give words and money, not pizza. “Everybody is tired of celebrating their wins with pizza parties…appreciate people's work by telling them, appreciate it monetarily.” Gifts cards and hourly raises speak volumes of encouragement to your team! 
  • Test out AI and chatbots. “People are drowning in leads right now, and they don't have enough staff to keep up with them all.” She’s excited about the future of AI, machine learning bots, and automated chatbots—anything that can alleviate some time for leasing agents.

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