Boss Talks

Episode 03 with Kelly Wakefield

Recorded on:
May 4, 2022

In this week’s episode of Boss Talks, we’re talking with Kelly Wakefield, Director of Marketing and Communications at Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA). She’s explaining how people-centric our industry is, from sharing stories through video to networking at community events and helping others in our industry. Get ready to learn more about who your best influencers are, the basics of video content, and what it truly means to Manage Like A Boss.

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  • 01:43 - Meet Kelly, Director of Marketing and Communications at Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA)
  • 04:02 - It’s all about the people (and their stories)
  • 05:59 - Residents: our best influencers
  • 07:11 - Networking and building relationships inside and outside of our industry
  • 10:50 - What is means to Manage Like A Boss
  • 12:43 - Storytelling, testimonials, and awards
  • 16:52 - Why video is powerful, what equipment to use, and how to edit
  • 20:29 - The humility of accepting feedback
  • 22:50 - Sharing information, skills, and encouragement with others

Kelly, who is a self-proclaimed people person, reminds us that “it’s all about the people.” While this includes our residents and community members, she expands that even further to include all of the individuals who make up the Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA). “We wouldn't exist if it weren't for all of the apartment managers out there, all of the suppliers, and our association volunteers.”

In her words, “If you can tie your company back to the people who are either helping run the company or the clients you're working for, it bridges those gaps and builds those relationships and makes people want to be more involved.”

In addition to volunteering and participating in city-wide events, Kelly intentionally gets to know her people before sharing their stories online (social media, video, and blogs). After all, who can tell the best story for your community? Your residents! “For apartment communities, their residents are their influencers.” Plus, people want to see the authentic behind-the-scenes reality — not just curated or sterile photos.

When it comes to video, one of their most popular forms of content, Kelly encourages you to just start with what you have. An iPhone, a cheap mic, and a flashlight are better than nothing. In fact, Kelly has edited most of her videos with the free version of iMovie!

“I didn't always consider myself a boss…” In our opinion, Kelly Wakefield has achieved Boss status — and so have you! Here’s a final word of encouragement from Kelly: “Keep reassuring yourself every day that you are a boss.”

Thank you, Kelly, for showcasing what it means to Manage Like A Boss! If you’re curious to learn from other multifamily or WMFHA bosses like Kelly, then subscribe to this podcast for more inspiration. And if you liked this episode, then don’t forget to share it with other bosses in your community too!