Boss Talks

Episode 70 with Kara Cermak

Recorded on:
December 6, 2023

In episode 70 of Boss Talks, Evan Happel engages in an enlightening conversation with Kara Cermak, a significant player in the Homeowners Association (HOA) industry. Kara provides vital insights into conflict resolution, sharing anecdotal accounts of her experiences in the field. She also introduces the listeners to her non-profit, "Celebrating All That is Feminine," and shares their various initiatives. Throughout the episode, Kara's emphasis on empathy and dedication towards bettering the community shines through.

- The episode delves into conflict resolution in the HOA industry.

- Kara introduces her non-profit, "Celebrating All That is Feminine."

- She shares about their annual baby shower initiative for female veterans.

- Kara's organization also raises funds to support non-profits aiding senior citizens.

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So, in this podcast episode, Evan, our host, kicks it with Kara Cermak, a real pro in the Homeowners Association (HOA) world, capisce? They chop it up about all things relevant to HOAs, with Kara talking about everything from managing a neighborhood beef to building a real sense of community.

Kara shares some wild tales of house disputes—imagine people dropping bowling balls to annoy downstairs neighbors or squabbling over parking spots in the winter. She breaks it all down, giving you the low-down on how to handle sticky situations in your own neck of the woods.

Now, our girl Kara ain't all business. She's got heart, too. She co-founded this outfit called "Celebrating All That Is Feminine," and they're doing some stand-up stuff, like helping female vets and freeing folks from sex trafficking.

In a nutshell, this chat with Kara ain't just another talk about HOAs and disputes over property lines. Kara's a boss and she's putting her know-how and big-hearted leadership on display. You walk away from this one with some seriously helpful insights that can help you get your own house in order, know what I mean?