Boss Talks

Episode 75 with Jerry Morales

Recorded on:
January 24, 2024

In episode 75 of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel has a lively and insightful chat with Jerry Morales. They delve into Jerry's personal and professional journey, discussing his determined approach to building relationships within the multifamily sector, his experiences with selling study guides door to door, and his transition to serving as a representative for Tango, a gift card platform. Jerry also candidly shares stories about his family, his dedication to disciplined work habits, and his belief in concentrating on joy and love instead of fleeting happiness and temporary likeability. Near the end, they discuss the importance of balance and self-awareness in a distracting world and how vital it is to establish a purpose in one's actions.

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In this episode of "Boss Talks", hosted by Evan Happel, he interviews Jerry Morales, who works with Tango, a gift card platform. Morales shares his journey of getting into multifamily housing through sales, starting from his formative days of selling study guides door to door during summers in his college years. He speaks about how the rigorous demands of direct sales, despite the high rate of rejection, instilled in him a resilience and willingness to persist that laid a foundation for his professional success.

Morales and Happel discuss the pressures of working in sales and marketing, the value of listening to others, building community, and the importance of making time for personal breaks and unplugging. They talk about experiences with social media, the need for balance, and how constant digital distractions can impede happiness. Morales emphasizes the importance of focusing on the joy derived from helping others and the immense satisfaction that comes from seeing others thrive. He also shares the significance of differentiating between 'like' and 'love', 'happiness' and 'joy'.

The conversation also covers Morales' personal life, touching on his meaningful relationship with his wife, whom he met during a shared experience selling study guides, and their two children. Morales and Happel both speak about their roles as fathers and the responsibilities that come with it.