Boss Talks

Episode 19 with Eric Orsbon

Recorded on:
October 26th, 2022

Hey, Boss! Grab a pen and paper (or a digital doc) before listening to this Boss Talks podcast episode! Eric Orsbon shares his top 10 pieces of advice for a career in the multifamily housing industry.

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  • 02:23 - Meet Eric Orsbon, Independent Asset Manager
  • 04:41 - Why Eric likes student housing (hint: it’s fun and life-changing!)
  • 06:32 - Working with your spouse
  • 8:40 - 10 tips for a career in the multifamily housing industry
  • 09:26 - Tip #1: Keep learning.
  • 11:55 - Tip #2: Where do you want to grow?
  • 12:28 - Tip #3: What’s your career path?
  • 14:57 - Tip #4: Train ‘em up.
  • 15:45 - Tip #5: Numbers don’t lie.
  • 18:22 - Tip #6: Track your accomplishments.
  • 22:22 - Tip #7: Don’t keep secrets.
  • 24:04 - Tip #8: Consider changing jobs.
  • 26:49 - Tip #9: Wear nice clothes. (No, really!)
  • 28:10 - Tip 10: Learn how to answer the right questions.
  • 31:09 - What’s next for Eric?
  • 32:02 - Viewer question: Is NAA or IRAM better?
  • 33:58 - Our 3 favorite Boss questions

From real estate and property management to leasing agent and vice president to multifamily and student housing, Eric Orsbon has filled nearly every role in the industry!

He’s gathered all of the hats he’s worn and compiled a top 10 list of tips for a career in the multifamily housing industry:

1. Education: “As early as you can, get some of your professional designation certifications … Your employer probably wants you to have that education to do your job better, and that helps you do your job better and helps show your employer (or other future employers) that you're in the industry long term.”

2. Decide what role you want to grow into. “There’s somewhat of a linear role up the traditional chain: leasing, assistant manager, regional manager. But there’s also at most companies a marketing department, internal collection department, administrative, and accounting role. So there are different things you can do.”

3. Know where you want to grow next or what your long-term career is. “If you can already do the duties of the role you want to grow into, or at least have some experience with it, you’re that much easier to promote.”

4. Teach your replacement. “Teach the person that would be most likely to replace you if you were promoted, because that makes you more promotable.”

5. Hit your KPIs. “Hit your KPIs, know what those are for your company, and be sure you hit them because when it comes time to promote, most companies are going to …look at the numbers.”

6. Keep a Brag Book. “I call it a Brag Book. It could just be a digital folder you throw stuff in. You might keep it on paper or both, but just keep your accomplishments … It can help you to go back through that stuff and remember for yourself your accomplishments … When you have imposter syndrome (like most people do), you can never remind yourself, ‘I've done all this.’”

7. Don’t keep your desire to grow a secret. “Don't wait till you see the position you want and then raise your hand. Just let it be known. Because when the opportunity arises, you want to be automatically at the top of people’s heads.”

8. Watch for other job opportunities. “If you love your company, by all means stay with your company … But if there’s just no room to grow … be open to look at opportunities at other companies.”

9. Dress for success. “Dress for the position you want. Be sure you’re dressing in a way that people can just visualize you in that position that you want to be in. Because you will stand out, for sure.”

10. Learn how to interview. “Take the time to learn how to interview. It is an acquired skill … but be humble. Plan ahead for the question that you might be asked during an interview.”

Eric, add this Boss Talks interview to your Brag Book! You’re an awesome Boss and we’re grateful to learn from your 10 tips about the multifamily industry!