Boss Talks

Episode 77 with Dywuan Brown

Recorded on:
February 7, 2024

In this episode of Boss Talks, Evan Happel hosts Dywuan Brown, Director of Growth at Apartment Life. They discuss their shared history in the multifamily industry and the importance of building relationships to improve resident engagement. In the midst of their conversation, they delve into the benefits and challenges of remote work, the dynamic of traveling to understand cultures and markets, and the influence these experiences have on Dywuan's business life. Additionally, they explore the topic of finding balance between personal and professional life, encouraging authentic relationships in the workplace, and tactics to increase business growth and cultivate community within apartment complexes.

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In today's interconnected world, reaching out, building relationships, and fostering a sense of community have never been more crucial. A perfect example of this is the story of Dywuan Brown, the ever-engaging Director of Growth in the East Division at Apartment Life.

Dywuan, a personable and outgoing individual, enjoys keeping people engaged and creating positive interactions in his work and personal life. From the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, he ties his passions for building relationships, traveling, and experiencing diverse cultures into his daily life and work.

In Apartment Life, he helps create spaces where people can connect, form meaningful relationships, and enjoy a sense of community. This philosophy is deeply connected to his belief in being kind, understanding, and loving towards one's neighbors, a trait he tries to apply to every aspect of his life.

Dywuan's approach to building relationships extends to his culinary skills. He shares his enjoyment of creating memorable experiences through food, particularly his "bomb chicken Alfredo” with a fun twist of using different types of pasta. His skills in the kitchen don't just fill stomachs; they brighten up the day and create satisfying moments for people in his immediate environment.

Fostering community is a passion for Dywuan. While engaging in this could be challenging since not everyone is naturally inclined to socialize or build relationships, he employs a strategy of being genuinely interested in people's stories.

Dywuan is a strong believer in the power of understanding a person's interests, culture, and environment. His approach provides insights into the person’s lifestyle, creating a stronger bond and a sense of kinship.

In the multifamily industry, fostering a sense of community can be incredibly beneficial. Not only does it create a warm and welcoming environment for residents, but it can also influence profits. If residents have warm interpersonal interactions within a community, they are likely to renew their lease - a crucial aspect of good property management.

At Apartment Life, they've seen first-hand that if a resident knows seven or more other residents, they're more likely to renew their lease. Also, being in a healthy community helps boost the care residents have for the property in general.

Dywuan takes relationship marketing to heart. He believes deeply in the "experience" of doing business and focuses on cultivating genuine relationships. When it comes to building connections, it's not just about making the sale. To Dywuan, it's about making each interaction an experience and making sure that every engagement is guided by genuine interest in the other person.

Dywuan's approach to relationship marketing encapsulates his love for relationship-building and the power of connection. His experiences establish a compelling argument for the importance of fostering a sense of community and a strong emphasis on relationship-building.

Dywuan Brown is a vibrant example of what it means to foster community and meaningful relationships. His approach to his work and personal life underlines the importance of openness, genuine connection, multicultural experiences, and understanding other people's experiences as we navigate our interconnected world. It's a refreshing perspective and a good reminder of the pivotal role we all play in building lasting and meaningful relationships in our communities.