Boss Talks

Episode 08 with Dwayne Bryant

Recorded on:
August 3, 2022

Hold on to your headphones, Bosses! Because this episode packs a powerful punch of leadership advice. Dwayne Bryant, a former wrestler and current Managing Broker at Greystone Property Management, explains how the 4 D’s and 3 E’s of his old sport continually apply to his role as a multifamily Boss.

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  • 01:18 - Meet Dwayne Bryant from Greystone Property Management
  • 02:35 - Framework for leadership: 4 D’s and 3 E’s
  • 06:30 - A love of leasing and teaching
  • 08:10 - The Value of mentorship
  • 10:00 - The 3 E’s as a Boss
  • 13:22 - Perception and reality
  • 16:55 - How do you value yourself? How do you perceive yourself?
  • 18:25 - 2 more E’s
  • 21:44 - Where is Dwayne headed next?

When you first meet Dwayne, chances are high that he’s showing up in a suit and tie. No, it’s not just to impress you (or because he looks good in the mirror). It’s because he has learned the value of perception.

People often comment that he is the best dressed man in the office. One time, someone else asked “Are you the next speaker?” when he was just happy to be in the room at a prestigious conference. In his words, “Understand your own value, then increase your value with education, exposure, and experience.”

Those are the 3 E’s, which pair perfectly with the 4 D’s—acronyms that Dwayne first learned from his high school wrestling team but still ring true today in his property management career.

“I loved the leasing and I love the salesmanship…but I also learned that I love helping and teaching people.” If you’re a Boss like Dwayne who is passionate about teaching and mentoring, then take a cue from his framework for leadership.

The 4 D’s: Desire, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline

The 3 E’s: Education, Exposure, Experience

As an individual, “you gotta keep that desire, determination, and dedication while you’re getting yourself educated, exposing yourself to the industry into your craft, and then also going to find that experience.” Then block out the obstacles with the umbrella of discipline.

From a leadership standpoint, “you wanna make sure you educate the people that you have…expose them to things during the course of training, as well as give them the experience.”

As a boss, we have the unique opportunity to advance our own career and others at the same time. You can have the education and exposure and opportunities on your own, but then “apply it to other people so they also have those same opportunities to move up in this industry.”

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