Boss Talks

Episode 18 with Bo Schneider

Recorded on:
October 19, 2022

Hey, Boss! If you’ve been searching for “how to be a boss in the multifamily industry” or “how to be a manager in student housing,” pop in your earbuds for practical advice from Bo Schneider!

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  • 01:36 - Meet Bo Schneider, Tailwind Group (2022 Top Innovator Award)
  • 05:50 - From business student to property manager
  • 07:43 - Taking risks: is it worth it?
  • 10:07 - Property management is property management
  • 11:13 - Passion for leadership and mentorship
  • 16:32 - The challenges of property management (especially tenant laws)
  • 20:56 - Celebrate your people and mark it on your calendar
  • 22:04 - 3 Boss Questions

Today’s Boss Talks episode features Bo Schneider, graduate from Haskell Indian Nations University with manager experience in both conventional and student housing. His punchy interview offers quotable advice and a list of practical how to’s for anyone in the industry. Check out Bo’s innovative bits of wisdom:

How to be an innovator: “One thing that really led to it was my background in coming from a few different companies, knowing myself, and even being in different regions across the US as well. Piecing together different things that I've liked and finding efficiencies helped me bring that viewpoint to them.”

How to be a leader and team player: “There are going to be different levels of leadership and role playing.” We have to understand “when it’s time to be a leader and when it’s time to be a role player and responsible for your certain duties.”

How to be social: “One thing I really enjoy about the industry itself is the amount of social interactions that you have, relationships that you build, not only with your peers or coworkers, but even with your resident base, whether that be current or former.”

How to be a property manager: “Property management is property management. I think in a broad sense we all do the same thing…Each one definitely cares about their people and their employees. And the end goal is to make sure that their people felt appreciated, felt heard, felt seen, and are supported in their careers.”

How to be a mentor: “I really get to know them. I want to figure out what their end goal is. How can we spark an interest, light a fire, get them really invested into it? How can I work alongside them to help them reach their goals or max potential?”

How to celebrate your team: “Really celebrate your people. I make note of everybody’s birthday (and work anniversary) and I put it on my calendar. I set myself a reminder at least four days in advance to do a handwritten personal card and a small gift, and I have the entire team sign it.

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