Boss Talks

Episode 71 with Betsy Kirkpatrick

Recorded on:
December 13, 2023

In this special year-end episode, host Evan Happel brings industry veteran Betsy Kirkpatrick to BossTalks. With over 13 years in the multifamily industry, Betsy shares her experiences and insights on everything from legislative advocacy, talent management, to holiday shenanigans. She emphasizes the importance of helping employees find their passion zones and utilizing their unique talents. As an advocate for next-gen leaders and government affairs, Betsy offers valuable advice for those seeking to make a difference in the industry.

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In this episode of BossTalks, host Evan Happel ( invites guest Betsy Kirkpatrick for a chat that's as intriguing as it is humorous. Betsy, known for her years of service at BG multifamily (now BGSF), captivates listeners from the outset with her lively stories about her professional journey. The atmosphere becomes a mix of learning and laughter, setting the tone for an engaging conversation.

The primary discussion revolves around nurturing future leaders in the multifamily industry, which is Betsy's major area of interest. She points out the importance of recognizing employees' inherent skills, refining their strengths, and aligning their job roles accordingly for the overall success of an organization. However, the dialogue is not solely steeped in seriousness. Betsy lightens the mood with her tendency to spontaneously burst into song, delighting the audience.

Towards the end of the conversation, Betsy discusses her involvement in legislative advocacy, specifically in the real estate sector. She also shares her excitement at becoming the president of the Rental Housing Alliance Pack. The episode concludes with the audience appreciating the different aspects of Betsy's charismatic personality, leaving them both inspired and entertained.