Boss Talks

Episode 69 with Ashly Poyer

Recorded on:
November 29, 2023

This engaging episode of Boss Talks presents a deep dive into Ashly Poyer's experiences as the VP of sales and marketing at Peak Made. Ashly reflects on her journey as a woman of color in corporate housing, her unique leadership approach, and the value of diversity in fostering innovation. Listeners are privy to amusing shared interests like Diet Coke and dominoes, which are seen as casual ice-breakers in a professional setting.

*The views and opinions expressed on Boss Talks are those of the host and their guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Community Boss.

Main Topics Covered:

1. Ashly's Personal Journey: As a woman of color in the corporate housing industry, she discusses her experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

2. Leadership Approach: Ashly emphasizes her unique and empathetic approach to leadership, taking into account the diverse backgrounds and experiences of her team.

3. Importance of Diversity: A detailed discourse on the importance of diversity in teams and how it drives innovation.

4. Team Dynamics: Insight into the team's camaraderie, shared interests, and how activities like domino games contribute to team building.

Get to know Ashly:

In this illuminating episode of Boss Talks with Ashly Poyer,  the VP for Sales and Marketing at PeakMade, presents a vibrant tapestry that details her journey in the world of real estate. Being a woman of color in the realm of corporate housing, Ashly draws from her experiences to delve into the complexities intrinsic to her trajectory.

Ashly discusses the different dimensions of her leadership approach and highlights the essence of diversity as a driving force of innovation. She talks about how she encourages her team members to leverage their unique backgrounds and perspectives in their collective problem-solving approach. Ashly frequently emphasizes that innovation and productivity are byproducts of a culturally rich and diverse team rather than fitting into traditional molds defined by race and gender. Creating an ecosystem that fosters individual growth while cementing a collective identity is central to Ashly's leadership philosophy, and she delves into details throughout the episode.

But it isn't just all serious discourse. Who knew that a shared love for Diet Coke could act as a common bonding factor? Yes, Ashly and the host, Evan, dive into a conversation about their affection for the fizzy drink and how it forms a subtle, fun facet of their work interactions. They also trot into the exhilarating universe of friendly competition, where a game of Dominoes presents an amusing avenue for team members to engage and interact.

The episode progresses to highlight key aspects of being a part of Ashly's team, including nurturing an atmosphere that allows everyone to contribute their unique perspectives. Ashly's openness about sharing her own experiences of feeling distanced in some settings helps create an environment of openness and mutual respect. Acknowledging that these experiences may vary for every team member, she offers unwavering support in navigating those moments.

The podcast also throws light on Ashly's intentionality in leading her team. Constantly checking in with her team about their feelings and their ambitions, she encourages them to evolve and strengthens the team's bond.