Boss Talks

Episode 66 with Amanda Gunn

Recorded on:
October 25, 2023

Here are a few things that Amanda shared with us:

  • Navigating property management
  • Budgeting gymnastics
  • Driving the continuous education bandwagon
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Get to know Amanda:

In this episode of "Boss Talks", Evan Happel, had the privilege to interview Amanda Gunn, an active member of Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA) from Spokane, Washington. They explored her experiences and gathered insights particularly on budget management and the importance of continued education in property management.

As they talked about budgets, you could sense the passion Amanda has for this often daunting subject. She emphasized viewing budgets as a guide rather than an absolute rule, which offers a fresh perspective for many in the multifamily industry. She also highlighted the importance of team contribution in managing finances at the property level.

The subject of continued education came up next and Amanda suggested that it is a significant factor that contributes to growth in the property management field. To illustrate, she shared her own career progression and how her drive and willingness to learn catapulted her professional development.

Throughout the conversation, it became clear that Amanda’s genuine dedication to growth and education sets her apart in the multi-housing sector. From this discussion, listeners can draw a great deal of inspiration and practical advice to navigate the multifamily housing market, manage budgets effectively, and foster personal growth.