Boss Talks

Episode 29 with Adam Pittenger

Recorded on:
January 25, 2023

Topics of this week's talk:

  • Adam’s startup journey: starting as a solo founder, going through an accelerator, and raising the first seed round; he has a lot to share about all the twists and turns that come with being a startup PropTech company
  • Fundraising: stories about getting funded and the current landscape
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Who is Adam Pittenger?

Adam Pittenger is the Founder & CEO of Moved, the first automated onboarding and offboarding platform for multifamily real estate. He started Moved because after moving 9 times in 10 years, he felt moving into multifamily communities was incredibly stressful and antiquated - for both residents and property management.

Moved delivers easy-to-use software to automate the resident onboarding process, for multifamily operators and their residents. Operators save time for their on-site teams, reduce risk, increase resident satisfaction, and activate ancillary revenue streams to grow NOI at their properties.

Before starting the company, Adam spent his career building software products, including one of the first social recruiting platforms at SelectMinds, which Oracle acquired. Adam was named one of Business Insider's Rising Stars of Real Estate.