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Struggling with Parking Right Now? We're Here to Help

Here are some ways you can use Parking Boss to help manage the uptick in daily parking at your community.

Due to the current closures in response to COVID-19, parking in your community might look a bit different right now. With many people working from home (or out of work), your parking is probably more crowded during the day. As the situation continues to evolve you may need to adjust your community parking rules. Every community is different and we’re here to help.

Here are some ways you can use Parking Boss to help manage the uptick in daily parking at your community:

1. Use Reports to see changes in parking trends

Look at parking trends to see if there have been changes in guest parking or violations recently. In your Parking Boss account, you can reference Reports such as Safelist Activity. A look at the guest parking usage by apartment number can give you an overview of the current trends in your community. It’s a good idea to run violation reports to see how enforcement is going right now.

Depending on your community’s resident demographics, you may want to either reduce or increase guest parking allotments. If you see there are fewer guests, consider temporarily allowing residents to use guest spaces as needed. We’re happy to look at your Reports and offer suggestions as well. We can easily make instant adjustments to guest parking settings.

2. Use technology to limit in-person interaction

As social distancing becomes the current norm, you can rely on the online features we offer. You have the ability to add more specific notes or edit the language for guest registration on the Parking Attendant and electronic violation notices. If your office is temporarily closed, you can access your account anywhere, from any device.

J Turner Research released Multifamily Insights on Covid-19 and found that 81% of respondents have provided special communication to residents via texts, emails, and added signage around the property.

If you use printed passes, this is a good time to handle all permits online. Guests can register through the Parking Attendant for virtual permits without going into the office and you can update parking time limits as needed.

3. Review any parking materials needed

We’re currently still able to ship supplies, so if you need any materials, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You may need additional Smart Warning stickers if more cars are parking daily, leading to increased violators. If you need to place an order, you can do so here.

You may have special provisions in place for staff and residents. We can offer recommendations and share what communities similar to yours are dealing with and putting into action. However the current situation progresses, we’re here to support your parking management.