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How Amenity Boss™ Can Help Reopen Apartment Amenities

How and when do you plan to re-open your amenities? If you’ve been hoping for a solution, we have one.

From managing at a distance to keeping up with policy changes, you’re faced with many problems you may have never had to worry about historically. There are many challenges coming out of this time of social-distancing. We recognize you have the task to strategically get things back to “normal”, including opening up your community amenities.  

How and when do you plan to re-open your amenities? Do you have a plan? If you’ve been hoping for a solution, we have one.

We’re excited to share with you the launch of Amenity Boss™, smart software that gives you the power to open, manage, and track your amenities responsibly and fairly.

Time and occupancy limits for smart regulation

Amenity Boss allows you to set the times and occupancy limits for specific amenities, and residents can easily create passes from their smartphones. Do you want to make sure everything is as clean as possible? Service and cleaning time blocks can be added to prohibit residents from registering during certain hours.

Ready to start when you are

There’s no need to worry about setting it up while maintaining social distancing. Amenity Boss is cloud-based with no expensive infrastructure to install, allowing for fast implementation and reopening of amenities. Spread the word with customized window clings, signs, and PDFs to notify residents.

Our co-founders, Joel DuChesne and Nathan LeMesurier, recognized the need to responsibly reopen amenities. “Communities invest millions to build, maintain, and market their amenities,” Joel said. “Residents use them daily for much-needed relaxation and entertainment. Managers and their on-site teams have so much to deal with and we have a ton of respect for what they do. Our goal is to give them a tool that helps them effectively manage their amenities in this new world we’re living in.”

Not only will Amenity Boss help you open amenities quickly when ready, but it will continue to be a long-term solution for managing amenities.

Proven technology and support

We took our expertise from the technology we’ve built into Parking Boss and used it to build a platform for the rest of your amenities. “It’s really exciting to see how we can take this technology we’ve been building and apply it to amenities and all the challenges there,” Nathan said. “We’re not just a parking company; all the work we’ve put in behind the scenes was just looking for a whole new set of problems to solve.”

Follow healthy guidelines, keep it fair, and get data

People will continue to be cautious as social distance measures ease up. As your residents begin to adapt to what the future holds, regulating the number of people in an amenity will alleviate concerns. You can customize time limits by apartment, keeping amenity use fair throughout the community. A dashboard view of amenity usage and availability keeps you and your residents aware of traffic. Run reports for data on how residents are using amenities.

Some key features and benefits of Amenity Boss include:

  • Customizable occupancy and time limits for each amenity
  • Fair opportunities for residents to use amenities
  • Contactless amenity pass system for healthy distancing
  • Residents see how many passes and times are available, creating accountability
  • Customized signs, window clings, and PDFs to notify residents
  • Built-in reporting features for data-driven decisions
  • Contactless rollout to the residents
  • Payment processing built-in for amenities with rental fees

Jeanne Klein, Amenity Boss Director of Sales - East Coast said, “The simplicity of self-serve automation to book access 24 hours a day is a game-changer for residents. As a former property manager, I consider this tech to be as revolutionary as online leasing.”