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How to Determine Capacity When Reopening Amenities

We’ve done some of the math for you so you can find the right occupancy limits for social distancing.

When it comes to reopening your amenities, one of the challenges is limiting occupancy for social distancing. We’ve done some of the math for you so you can find the right occupancy limits for social distancing, and how to put those into practice with Amenity Boss.

Follow state and local guidelines for social distancing

First, the actions you take will need to be in agreement with local health officials, legal counsel, and local reopening guidelines.

In Florida, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation has given mandatory measures for fitness centers and gyms including limiting customer access to no more than 50% of the building’s occupancy. In some states and counties, limits may be even less. Amenities require thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces at the end of the day as well as routine cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day.

Whatever your local guidelines include, Amenity Boss can help easily enforce the limits you set.

Determine the square footage of each amenity

How do you know what your occupancy should be? The size of an amenity can help you determine that number. We offer a handy spreadsheet to help calculate occupancy limits based on the size of your facilities.

Here are some examples:

A fitness center of 400 sq ft. (20’ x 20’) can accommodate 11 people with a six foot social distancing practice. To maintain eight feet of social space, the maximum is six people. At ten feet of distance, that number goes down to four people.

In a pool area of 900 sq. ft. (30’ by 30’) there can be 24 people with a six foot minimum social space. To keep eight feet of distancing, 14 people can use the pool at once. For a ten foot distance minimum, nine people can be in the pool.

You might need to rearrange furniture, pool chairs, workout equipment, or rope off every other treadmill to help enforce distancing.

How Amenity Boss helps maintain limits

So now that you have your occupancy limits figured out, how do you implement them? With Amenity Boss, you have the power to set limits for each amenity and the flexibility to adjust them when needed. As states and counties go through the phases of reopening, occupancy limits can be changed through Amenity Manager. Because amenities are reopening at much lower capacity, it’s important to keep things fair for all residents. You can set the total number of passes allowed for each amenity, and add per-apartment pass limits to give everyone equal opportunities to use them.

Amenity use per apartment can be limited in two ways in Amenity Boss: by total time or by group.

Limiting amenities by total time spreads out the allotted time per apartment across all the passes created from that unit.

This limit type is best used for amenities like fitness centers, barbecue grills, and other amenities typically used by individuals. The passes can be split up in various ways within each apartment.

Let’s say there’s a maximum of two hours per apartment. Here’s a couple of examples of how that time can be used:
A resident can use one two-hour pass or split the time into two 1-hour passes. Roommates or two individuals can reserve two 1-hour passes, or up to four 30-minute passes.

The option to limit by group is great for amenities like pools and movie theaters that are usually used by a group of people. This limit type lets a group of people visit an amenity at the same time, counting the time once (although each person in the group is still required to have a pass).

For this example, let’s use a group maximum of four people and a 2-hour time allowance for the day. This can be used a couple of different ways:
A group of four people can use reserve the amenity once and use up the full 2 hours. The same group can also use the passes in smaller increments of time, such as 1 hour or 30 minutes, as long as the time doesn’t exceed 2 hours.

Again, the maximum times and occupancy limits can be updated as needed in Amenity Manager.


Reopening amenities can be easily managed with the right tools. Amenity Boss is here to help make it a breeze for you to get started.

Start with the dimensions of your facilities and reference our helpful social distancing calculator to help you establish occupancy limits. Once you’ve decided on your new capacities, set the limits in Amenity Manager. Of course, always be sure to refer to state and local guidelines as you plan to reopen things. Let Amenity Boss do the rest of the work so residents can start booking their pool and gym time. Connect with us or request a free demo to see how we can help you reopen and manage your amenities.