Parking Enforcement for HOA & Condo

Increase parking compliance and catch repeat violators.

Keep home owners and your patrol company accountable with the best parking enforcement tools available for HOA and condo communities.

Logs every time patrol checks a vehicle
Get vehicle & violation stats at a glance
Make sure you’re getting the most out of your patrol
Catch your most notorious parking offenders

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Activity Overview with Heat Map

Know where the problem areas are in your community
Map displays Checks & Violation hot-spots
Checks are any time a vehicle is viewed in software
Vehicle check & Violation weekly averages

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Activity by User

View 30-day activity of each patroller
Checks (blue) indicate vehicle look-ups
Violations (orange) when a violation is recorded

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Activity by Day

Drill down for daily enforcement stats
See where patrol was most active on a nightly basis
View all recorded violations issued daily

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Violations Monitoring

View list of vehicles that met the violation threshold
Use the list to follow up on any excessive abusers

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Smart Guard™ is automated parking monitoring for HOAs and condos.

Detects abuse
Automatically enforces usage limits
Flags suspected fraud or cheating
See who’s parking the most in your guest parking
View similar vehicles trying to register for parking
Click on unit to verify an honest mistake or abuse

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Field Agent™ is built for third-party or self-patrolling your community parking.

Designed specifically for patrolling
Smartphone LPR lookup
Search any vehicle or home in your database
Record violations & issue Smart Warning Stickers
Limited access to home-owner data

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Smart Warning Stickers inform parking violators they’ve been caught.

Professional, yet firm way to warn parking offenders
Sticker gets linked to the violation in the software
Vehicle owner can view violation details with QR scan
4”x6” stickers come in three different options

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Parking Boss integrates with controlled access for HOA and condo communities.

Guest permit opens gate right from smart phone
Easy access for residents, visitors, and deliveries
Phase out fobs, clickers, and access cards
Managed completely in the cloud via web portal

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