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Why Amenity Reservations are Good for Your Community

With an amenity reservation system, your residents can easily obtain passes for desirable single-use amenities.

Why bother with amenity reservations? Picture this: you’re a resident in your community, it’s a warm summer evening, and your chicken has been marinating all day to go on the grill. The only problem is that all of your neighbors have the same idea. You don’t even have to make the trip down three stories to the pool patio to see that both grills are being used and there’s a queue formed around them. Bummer!

If only you had a way to reserve the grill so you can cook your chicken exactly when you want. The good news is that you can — with Amenity Boss!

With an amenity reservation system, your residents can easily obtain amenity passes for desirable single-use amenities. Additionally, with self-service online payments and automatic deposit refunds, residents can reserve paid amenities without the traditional hassle of in-person payments during business hours.

Let’s dive into the benefits of amenity reservations and online payments.

Fairness is a given

When it comes to first-come, first-serve amenity use, some residents get more than their fair share. With reservable time slots, an amenity scheduler like Amenity Boss gives everyone a chance to use the grill or conference room. Limiting how long and how frequently each amenity can be reserved per unit creates equal opportunity. Plus, it’s easy and convenient to reserve an amenity from a simple interface on their smartphones.

An online reservation platform gives people the flexibility to plan ahead. If someone wants to make dinner on the grill Tuesday night at 6 pm, they can schedule their slot ahead of time on Sunday. Another unit may have guests visiting on Thursday so they get on their smartphone to reserve the rooftop table and bocce ball for entertaining.

Another one of your residents may need to work in the conference room on Wednesday while their apartment is being cleaned. An amenity reservation system gives everyone the opportunity to plan ahead and use the amenities they desire.

With Amenity Boss, your management team can customize reservation time limits, track usage, and enable online payments. Additionally, TV screens in amenity spaces can display Amenity LiveView with amenity rules and reservation schedules. The QR code on the Amenity LiveView screen allows residents to create a touchless registration from their phones.

Usage reports reveal the most desired amenities

Instead of buying new furniture for an amenity space that your residents don’t actually use, spend your budget on the multifamily amenities you know your residents already love! If you have reservable equipment in the fitness center, Amenity Boss can help you identify which equipment is worth upgrading and which you should pass on. This is a great way to increase amenity retention and know what potential customers are going to find more attractive.

Residents gain confidence in their ability to use preferred equipment and spaces

Community amenities are an extension of your residents’ homes. If Susie in 1307 knows she has a reserved time slot for the yoga studio or Peloton, she can workout in confidence just as she would in her own home. Likewise, giving residents a pool scheduler makes the weekends more enjoyable for people who want to enjoy equal time at the poolside cabanas. These spaces become more attractive when residents can plan ahead by scheduling time for an amenity in the amenity reservation system.

Freedom for residents to reserve paid amenity spaces at any time

If you have paid spaces like guest suites, cabanas, or a movie theater, a 24/7 amenity management system like Amenity Boss  lets residents pay for and place deposits without visiting the office. This provides them freedom to reserve and pay for a guest suite or movie theater after office-hours at their convenience. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Amenity Boss allows your residents to reserve and pay with easy credit card payments and automatic refundable deposits. Ultimately, apartment amenity payments set your community up for success with a digital tool to effectively manage and reserve shared spaces.

The convenience of online amenity reservations and payments coupled with the importance of high-speed internet creates an environment of easy connectivity. The 2020 NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Resident Preferences Report verified these desires when they found 91.7% of residents said it’s very important to have high-speed internet.

Nearly 75% want pre-installed wifi and 69.3% want community-wide connectivity. The multifamily amenity trends are finally catching up with the tech trends of the last decade and it’s obvious that  residents are thankful for it.

Add value with amenity reservations

Amenity reservations can be a great asset for your community. In addition to creating an easier way for residents to schedule preferred spaces and equipment, your team is able to gauge which amenities are favored among residents. If you’re interested in using Amenity Boss to create amenity reservations at your community, connect with us below to learn more.