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3 Ways an Amenity Management System Can be Good for Your HOA

Online amenity management creates an atmosphere of fairness through online reservations, payments, and signage.

You may only know us for our parking software, but did you know that Luminous also specializes in amenity reservations and payments? We have expanded our suite of products to include Amenity Boss, a platform that makes it easier for your residents to reserve amenity spaces and rentable items in your community.

Is the tennis court in high-demand? Reservations give every homeowner the same opportunity to schedule time on the court. Maybe the clubhouse can be rented for a fee but the process is a bit time consuming. Online amenity management creates an atmosphere of fairness through virtual reservations, online payments, and custom signage.

Create fairness with an amenity reservation system

Homeowners pay their dues and expect fair amenity use. Unfortunately, it’s not actually fair for everyone. With differing schedules and lifestyles throughout a community, it’s common for some residents to occupy amenities more than others.

Some amenities are easily shared among community members, but when John occupies the tennis court every weekday from 4-7 pm and Bill isn’t off work until 5:30 pm, frustrations and tensions rise. With an amenity scheduler like Amenity Boss, every homeowner gets an equal opportunity to use the spaces they pay for.

Your board members and community rules can determine the appropriate time limits per amenity, and if reservations will always be required or just during peak times. If Bill wants to use the tennis court on Wednesday at 5:45 pm, he can reserve his time slot beforehand and show up knowing that he has a priority reservation.

Creating limits during peak times and seasons gives everyone a chance for equal access and to plan ahead.

When the weather is nice, community members are more likely to use your outdoor amenities or host friends for gatherings. A pool scheduler is especially handy in the summer months. While most amenities continue to be first-come first-serve with unlimited usage, priority reservations allow homeowners to use an amenity, like the pool, whenever they want. Limiting the amount of priority reservations per home keeps your members feeling like they have an equal shot with all amenities.

Easy credit card payments & automatic refundable deposits

Amenity Boss makes payments easy with our simple built-in payments system via credit card or Apple Pay. That means payments have an online record, deposits can be automatically refunded, and there’s no need for checks or cash.

Do you charge a fee for the clubhouse? Are there rentable items that require a card on file in case of damage in your community association? Make those rentals easier with online reservations and rental history.

Charging a small fee for amenity reservations opens opportunities for upgrading those spaces, paying for improvements to buildings, or buying new equipment with the revenue.

Professional signage removes the need for clipboard sign-ups

Are your amenities still using clipboards and paper lists? Let’s catch up with the times!  Amenity Boss creates custom signs for community associations to display for quick and easy reservations. Signs can be window clings (indoor or outdoor), aluminum (for exterior use), or printed and mounted on black foam core (for interior use).

They include the web address and a scannable QR code to your custom community amenity portal. Unlike clipboards, branded signs create cohesiveness at your community association and make amenity reservations a breeze.

Uncomplicate amenity management with Amenity Boss

One of the best parts about an online amenity reservation system? Ease of use for homeowners and board members. Community members will have fair access to amenities with an amenity scheduler and the ability to instantly reserve amenities requiring payment or deposit. Board members can enjoy the benefits of increased community harmony and a source of revenue for amenity upgrades. Don’t forget that the clean look of custom signage adds community curb appeal too!

Are you interested in Amenity Boss for your HOA or Condo association? Schedule a demo with us today to learn more!