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The 4 Keys to Successful Guest Parking

Every welcoming community should have spaces set aside for guests, if possible.

1. Set aside (and clearly identify) spaces just for your guests.

Every welcoming community should have spaces set aside for guests. If guests can’t find a place to park, they’ll ultimately end up parking where they’re not supposed to. Adding signage and/or pavement markings is a great way to make these spaces very obvious.

2. Set simple rules & limits, and notify your community.

Some guests or residents may purposefully violate your rules, but others don’t comply simply because they’re too complicated or they’re not aware of what they are.

Rules are much more likely to be observed if they are simple and easy-to-follow. The Virtual Attendant is tailored to each community and we provide the tools necessary to inform residents of the rules and how to use it.

3. Be committed to enforcement.

After starting a new guest parking system, allow some time for your tenants to understand how it works. In the first month or so, it’s good practice to warn anyone not in compliance at least once or twice before taking serious action, like a tow.

Also, consider professional enforcement. A patrol company provides a helpful separation between you and your residents, and visitors.

4. Always know what’s going on.

A system that keeps everyone in the loop is the key to successful parking. Unless everyone’s on the same page, mistakes will happen, causing frustration that will undermine your goals.

Parking Boss creates transparency and accountability with everyone involved.