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How Parking Boss Makes Guest Parking Fair

With so much for you to keep up with during this time, you don't want to worry about managing parking too.

A lot has changed since the beginning of this year, including apartment parking. Guest and visitor parking has likely diminished since quarantines from COVID-19 have been in place. As the phases of reopening progress, you may start to see an increase in guests.

With so much for you to keep up with during this time, you don't want to worry about managing parking too. With Parking Boss, guest parking is kept fair for everyone. Let’s look at the ways Parking Boss promotes community fairness for residents and guests.

Accountability: know who belongs (and who doesn’t)

With any parking program, it’s important to know who’s parking in your community. Your enforcement team or staff can use our Field Agent app to check the permit status of any vehicle in question.

Are there retail shopping or restaurants next to your community? With unique passcodes assigned to each unit, you can rest assured that only those visiting your community are parked in guest parking spaces.

Residents can either share their passcodes with guests, or if they’d rather keep the passcode confidential, fill out the parking permit registration for them. Do you have residents parking their extra vehicles in guest spaces? Residents are unable to register as guests through Parking Boss.

Automatic rule enforcement

Automatic rule enforcement takes the guesswork out of parking. Through online self-service registration, guests can see parking rules and time limits when they create permits.

With the option to provide either a phone number or email address, guests are notified when they create their parking permit and 15 minutes before it expires. This helps prevent them from overstaying their parking time and also saves them from possible violations.

Let’s say you have a guest who repeatedly breaks the rules. They’ve received a couple of warnings, yet they continue to park as they please. If your policy allows for blocking delinquent vehicles, you can ban the license plate number from registering for a permit on Parking Attendant. If they choose to park anyways, it’s easy to spot the violation.

Time limits by vehicle or unit

To keep guest parking fair, it’s important to allow everyone to have equal guest parking time. Limits on guest parking can be set either by unit or by vehicle. Limiting time by vehicle is measured by guest license plate numbers. When a vehicle reaches its limit, it won’t be allowed to register to park until time becomes available again.

With a limit by unit, each unit gets a set amount of guest time, regardless of the guest vehicle. This setting allows managers to block delinquent tenants from having guests.

Parking Boss enforces your rules through Smart Meters. You can “stack” your parking limits in order to keep guests from taking advantage of a rule. For example, you may allow for 10 days of guest parking per month. In order to prevent a single vehicle from monopolizing a space for the full ten days, you can free up spaces by adding a limit of three days of parking at a time. Check out our post on Smart Meters to learn more about apartment parking permit limits.

Special Permits

Unusual circumstances will always come up. There are times where you may need to allow a guest to park more often than your general limits allow for. Let’s say a caretaker needs to come every other day to visit a resident. You can create a special permit for that individual to allow them to park every day for however long it may be, whether it’s six months or a year. Or maybe a resident has family in town for a week. If your policy doesn’t allow for a guest vehicle to park each day for a full week, you can create a special permit for that as well.


As your region works its way through the phases of re-opening, look at your guest parking trends as more people start to socialize. Residents may continue being cautious and meet at their homes more than they go out to public places. As a result, you could see an increase in guest vehicles at your community.

With Parking Attendant, guests can easily know the rules and secure their parking time, and residents have equal opportunities to offer spaces for their guests. Even with a limited number of guest spaces, with Parking Boss you can still provide fair parking.