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Parking Boss, Amenity Boss, and Luminous Residential are now under one new name: Community Boss™

Community Boss delivers parking, amenity, and mapping Proptech solutions to the apartment, HOA, and condo industries.

We’re excited to launch our brand refresh! Today, we encompass our parking, amenity, and mapping solutions under a single company brand: Community Boss™. 

“Because of the additional solutions we’ve added over the past couple of years, our new brand better communicates to our customers what we have to offer. We’re a lot more than parking and amenities now—we’re a multifamily Proptech platform expanding into different solutions for the industry.” said Joel DuChesne, co-founder.

For over 11 years Luminous has provided innovative parking solutions to condo, HOA, and apartment communities. Today, we’re more than just parking. Since the pandemic in 2020, our business has expanded beyond parking and amenity management, necessitating one brand for all of our products that help you “manage like a boss.” 

Harnessing decades of design and development expertise, Community Boss will launch its rebrand before Apartmentalize 2022, retaining our well known Parking Boss name for our parking solution. Now our same products, solutions, and features will all be delivered under the umbrella of Community Boss.

Community Boss helps guard communities against:

  • Bad reviews
  • Unauthorized occupants
  • Cheaters and abuse 
  • Contention among residents
  • Lost revenue and time

Community Boss helps enhance communities with:

  • Quick, self-service guest parking
  • Convenient, self-service, assigned resident parking
  • Faster door-front deliveries
  • Easy amenity reservations
  • Self-guided move-ins

Community Boss helps monetize communities by adding:

  • Pay-to-park guest parking
  • Paid 24-48 hour reserved parking
  • Premium parking spaces for residents
  • Paid amenity rentals
  • Time-saving integrations

This comprehensive platform is designed to guard, enhance, and monetize your community so you can manage like a boss! By consolidating to one brand name, we can continue to grow and develop valuable solutions and features, such as integrations with Gatewise, RealPage, and Entrata.

“By focusing on these core areas, we’re excited to see Community Boss better support management teams and their residents. And as we continue to build on our platform, we’re able to expand into additional solutions and integrations.” said Nathan LeMesurier, co-founder.

Parking Boss started in 2011 to resolve unsolvable HOA, condo, and apartment parking issues. Since then, this company has been making communities better to live in, easier to manage, and more valuable to own with their innovative Proptech stack that simplifies shared living.

Learn how to manage like a boss by requesting a demo or stopping by Booth #100 at NAA Apartmentalize in San Diego on June 23rd & 24th.