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Introducing Boss Tags: Elevating Amenity Access in Modern Communities

In the ever-evolving landscape of community management solutions, we’re taking a leap forward with our latest groundbreaking innovation – Boss Tags.

In the ever-evolving landscape of community management solutions, we’re taking a leap forward with our latest groundbreaking innovation – Boss Tags. These compact yet robust plastic key tags mark the dawn of a new era in amenity access control, offering a seamless blend of convenience and security for apartment and condo communities.

Boss Tags: A Glimpse into the Future

Boss Tags, small and durable plastic key tags, embody the future of amenity access control. They provide electronic permits for easy validation and optional access control, paving the way for a more convenient and secure community living experience. Four Boss Tag variations are available for purchase: Pool Pass, Amenity Pass, Fitness Pass, and Resident Pass. Pool pass solves the problem of overcrowded pools, while the other three tags have the flexibility to be used in various ways. 

Pool Passes with a Purpose

Say goodbye to the perennial problem of unauthorized swimmers in your community pool. Boss Tag Pool Passes offer a contemporary solution by enabling swift and simple validation through an NFC tap or QR code scan using any smartphone. This not only ensures fair usage but also transforms the pool into a more enjoyable and relaxing space during the busy summer months.

Unlocking Convenience

The NFC functionality of Boss Tags extends beyond validation. Residents can now unlock pool gates or doors with a simple tap, streamlining access control for community amenities and making access effortless for everyone. Not familiar with NFCs yet?  Here’s a helpful article with more information on how NFC technology works.

Versatility for All

Boss Tags cater to diverse community needs with four distinct styles. Whether your community boasts a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, or other amenities, there's a Boss Tag version for you. From the Amenity Pass for multifaceted communities to the Fitness Pass for urban locations, and the Resident Pass for HOAs with diverse amenities, Boss Tags have your community covered.

Enhanced Access Control

Integrating Boss Tags with RemoteLock transforms access control into a seamless process. Secure a single door or manage access to multiple amenities effortlessly. The ultra-flexible Amenity Boss reservation system allows access only during reserved times, eliminating the need for a 24/7 staff member.

Endless Possibilities

Boss Tags aren't confined to pools and fitness centers; they offer a versatile solution for various settings such as guest suites, clubhouses, theater rooms, co-working spaces, bike rooms, and more. They can even be used to sell fitness center access to properly vetted non-residents. The adaptability of Boss Tags makes them an essential addition to any community.

Examples of Boss Tags in use:

  1.  An urban, high-rise community. This community has a large, upgraded fitness center that they’ve opened to the public, in addition to residents. To ensure residents have access to all available amenities, residents receive a “Resident Pass” tag or “Amenity Pass” tag. Management can then offer a “Fitness Center” tag to non-residents and charge for their use of the gym. (hello, extra revenue 💰) Implementing different Boss Tags for residents vs. non-residents visually separates them and validates their amenity access. If controlled access with RemoteLock is in place, the Tag will be the physical access to the gym.
  2. Community co-working rooms. Residents only have access to a community co-working room when they reserve a timeslot so as to not overlap with other people hoping to use the space. When a resident reserves time to use the space, they can use the Boss Tag to tap for access with the NFC capability. This keeps the space free of outsiders and creates a fair system of access and accountability.
  3. A clubhouse at a resort-style condo community that frequently gets rented for events needs a way to manage access. That’s where Boss Tags come in! The association can choose from the Amenity Pass or Resident Pass tags and use them in conjunction with access control via RemoteLock. When a homeowner reserves the clubhouse for an event, their Boss Tag grants access to the space during the time allotted to them.

Ready to start using Boss Tags?

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