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Amenity Boss Users: Here’s the Best Way to Manage Guest Parking

If you're using Amenity Boss to manage parking, we have a foolproof option for you that can offer so much more.

If you’ve been using Amenity Boss, you know how valuable an amenity management platform is, especially right now. With Amenity Boss, amenity management and reservations are a breeze and the simple interface cuts out the confusion. It’s perfect for managing your fitness centers, pools, tennis courts, business centers, dog parks, and more. In light of this unexpected pandemic, it provides the opportunity for reopening and keeping your amenities running smoothly.

Should you use Amenity Boss for guest parking permits?

If you’ve considered using Amenity Boss for your guest parking, you’re on the right track to finding a good solution. However, guest parking has its own set of unique challenges apart from other amenities. Managing guest parking with software that wasn’t specifically created for it can get messy. It makes it hard to prevent things like residents or unauthorized roommates from registering themselves for guest parking. It's difficult to enforce, and also becomes less user friendly when residents have to jump through a series of unnecessary hoops to have a friend over.

Here’s what you can do if you want to manage parking through Amenity Boss:

  • Create more fair use of guest parking
  • Set guest parking time limits
  • Require passes for guest parking

Though it seems like a quick answer to keeping control of guest parking, we have a foolproof option for you that can offer so much more.

A better solution for managing guest parking

Parking Boss is a cloud-based platform that provided the building blocks for Amenity Boss. Parking Boss gives you a comprehensive, easy-to-use parking management solution tailored to your community’s needs.

With Parking Boss, you can:‍

  • Offer paperless parking registration
  • Require license plate number and vehicle information for registration
  • Keep parking as a self-service amenity for residents and guests
  • Prevent residents from registering for guest parking
  • Communicate designated spaces (such as Pay-to-Park or Premium Reserved Parking)
  • Give your patrol partners access to Field Agent for enforcement (this keeps resident and guest personal information confidential)
  • Plan parking management around the unique challenges at your community  
  • View reports on parking trends
  • Keep a history of violations for every vehicle
  • Offer paid parking for ancillary revenue

Learn more about Parking Boss

Here’s an example of how guest parking works in each:

In Amenity Boss, a resident would have to register their guest’s vehicle for them, and then print or screenshot the parking pass. While you could see the pass in Amenity Boss, your patrol team would have no way of knowing if the guest was registered unless they placed a printout on their dashboard.

With Parking Boss, guests can easily register themselves 24/7 through the virtual Parking Attendant. Permits are created based on your rules and are visible to onsite staff and patrol through Parking Boss and Field Agent.

If you're using Amenity Boss, the login information for residents is the same for Parking Boss. There’s no new passwords or usernames for residents to learn, only their unit number and passcode. As a manager, you can access both solutions from one portal. Parking Boss is equipped to handle the nuances of your parking. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies parking registration and gives you valuable data. Built on the same platform, Amenity Boss and Parking Boss offer solutions to two major management headaches.

Keep your amenities running smoothly with Amenity Boss and hand your parking management over to Parking Boss. It’s contactless, user-friendly, and it takes the hassle out of parking management. Connect with us to find out more about how Parking Boss can benefit your community.