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5 Ways to Give Residents the Tech Amenities They Want

Technology has become an essential part of life and the tech upgrades residents want.

Technology is a driving force in the future of living. That’s why it’s important to understand where and how technology intersects with multifamily communities. With a proper understanding of what renters want and the right technologies to give them what they want, you can run a successful community. Not only can you use it to drive resident satisfaction (adding value, in-turn) and resident retention,  but you can demonstrate to your residents that you care about their wellbeing. The convenience of connectivity creates a world of opportunity for apartment living.

In this post, we’ll look at the ways in which technology has become an essential part of life and the tech upgrades residents want. We’ll also share why we created Amenity Boss with the ever-increasing benefits of technology in mind.

1. Upgraded tech in amenities

Pelotons are becoming more common in apartment community gyms. They allow residents to create profiles and use their accounts to follow along with workouts from home such as yoga, strength training, running, and meditation. However, you don’t need a Peloton to give residents structured workouts. Encourage exercise and a sense of community among residents by implementing weekly virtual or socially-distanced fitness classes. People love choices, so try offering a variety of class options each week.

2. No-contact, online amenity reservations

As your region allows for the reopening of amenities (or if it already has), you can use an online amenity reservation system to maintain limited capacity levels. This can also work for any group fitness classes you may offer. If you haven’t opened your amenities yet, check out our posts on determining capacity in amenities and best practices for cleaning.

You need a hands-off way to manage your apartment amenities that you know you can trust. Amenity Boss was created as a tool for you to manage amenities and allow residents to reserve their amenity times from home. Amenity Boss is the most flexible amenity management solution out there. Management sets customizable apartment and occupancy time limits for each amenity. Whether it’s the bark park, the pool, grills, or business center time, residents can use the Amenity Pass cloud-based app to view occupancy counts and get passes based on availability. Read our post, “How Amenity Boss Can Help Reopen Amenities” to learn more about how to manage your amenities fairly while giving residents a smart solution to make their lives easier.

3. Resident portals

It’s also useful  to use a resident portal or app if you don’t have one already. According to a recent industry report by Buildium and NARPM, 49% of renters want access to a resident portal and 65% want to pay their rent online. Paying for rent with the click of a button beats writing and delivering a check any day.  It’s not just your younger crowd who wants technology these days, it’s everyone. The survey found that in recent years Gen Xers and Baby Boomers have begun to take a greater interest in technology. Keep everyone connected by communicating updates and events through your resident portals.

4. Digital communication

Prior to the pandemic, 58% of residents already desired to communicate with management via text or email. More than 40% prefer to file maintenance requests online. Digitalizing communications between residents and staff not only keeps a better record of requests and conversations, it also upholds social distancing standards.

On-site package lockers also kill several birds with one stone. Residents can easily pick up their packages at their convenience and you don’t have to deal with the headache of sorting through the packages each time a resident comes to pick one up. Clear records of package retrievals, less work for you, and social distancing for all.

Don’t forget about prospective residents. Online community tours and meetings are easy and contactless ways for them to get a feel for your community. The industry report survey cited that 49% of renters prefer to find and apply for rentals online. The desire for tech starts from the moment renters find your community all the way into the homes they rent from you.

5. Smart home technology

There’s an abundance of options when it comes to installing smart home technology in your existing communities. When you look into installing desirable technology, it’s important to find out if your existing systems can handle additional integrations. There’s plenty of advice on making sure your existing structures are suitable for adding new technology to your units. While right now may not be the time for sending crews to install new hardware in apartments, it’s something to keep in mind.

The top highly recommended smart home tech add-ons are smart locks and smart thermostats. These can add value and give residents tools to streamline through their phones. With these upgrades, they no longer have to worry about forgetting their keys or leaving a key for the dogwalker to get in. Smart locks allow them to let people in when needed and never lose access to their apartment. Smart climate control gives those more environmentally conscious renters a chance to manage their energy consumption from anywhere.


With the rise in millennial and Gen Z renters, technology is the basis of living in most homes. With less communication and rent payments on paper, it not only makes it easier for residents but also keeps records easily accessible for management. So many technologies are already available to keep everything organized for you and residents. It’s the perfect time to give something new a try to maintain distancing and increase connectivity. You may not be looking to add new equipment or furniture to amenities, but you can surely add a foolproof way to manage amenities through cloud-based software.  Reach out to us today to learn how Amenity Boss can benefit you and your residents.