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3 Ways Parking Boss can Help You Avoid Towing

Read on for 3 ways to help reduce your need to tow, or even avoid it altogether.

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of towing, and the angry tenants that follow? Read on for 3 ways to help reduce your need to tow, or even avoid it altogether.

1. Clearly mark your guest parking spaces.

Mark parking guest spaces with signs. Signs are a great visual marker for guests looking for spots, and they let your tenants know to leave those spots open. Parking Boss signs include a convenient QR code and url, which takes them to the Parking Attendant. Once scanned on a smartphone, guests can quickly register a permit for their vehicle. If parking spaces are clearly designated, guests know where to park and there is no excuse for violators.

2. Keep track of who's parking with the Parking Attendant.

Have guests register their vehicles. The Parking Attendant allows guests to quickly and conveniently register their vehicle for parking.  Registering for a parking permit lets guests know how long they can park, and adds a higher level of accountability. By scanning the parking sign QR code, or visiting the website, guests can enter their license plate number, the resident they wish to visit, and the length of their stay. Once they have a permit, their car is added to the Safe List, which is visible to both Managers and Field Agents. You're much less likely to have a parking violator if they know that action will be taken.

3. Clearly define your parking rules and enforce them fairly.

Make sure your residents understand your community parking rules. People may unknowingly violate rules if they don’t know what they are. It’s unpleasant for both the resident and you to have their cars towed. The vehicle owner will become angry, and come to you to resolve the issue. Notify your residents of any parking rules and changes, and make them easy to access if needed. With Parking Boss, you can also give your residents a magnet which includes directions for registering a guest vehicle with Parking Attendant.

How does Parking Boss help to enforce your rules?

The Field Agent feature allows a Manager to add other users, such as a patrol company. These users can track vehicles by license plate number and issue violation warnings if needed (learn more about Field Agent here). Consistent enforcement motivates residents and guests to follow the rules, helps keeps parking open, and reduces the chances of needing to tow.