Boss Talks

Episode 14 with Wheeliam Puckett

Recorded on:
September 21, 2022

Hey, Boss! Meet Wheeliam Puckett, a multifamily maintenance expert who doesn’t just fix people’s houses, but helps them maintain their home. Hit play to hear his inspiring transformation of what home truly means: growing up in a rough part of town, training to be a mechanic, working grounds and courtesy patrol, and serving others well as a multifamily service manager.

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  • 02:08 - Meet Wheeliam Puckeet, multifamily maintenance and service manager
  • 09:41 - More than just a maintenance man: awards and recognition
  • 11:45 - The life-changing impact of mentorship
  • 13:11 - Wheeliam’s rock-solid team philosophies
  • 14:05 - His personal missions, values, and philosophies
  • 16:40 - How the pandemic upgraded the status of the service team
  • 25:07 - Launching his multifamily service team onto bigger and better things
  • 28:06 - Final 3 questions: building community, making dinner, and drinking coffee

Wheeliam is more than just a multifamily maintenance expert — he’s a true Boss! Our conversation is sprinkled with wise advice, guiding philosophies, and rooted missions. Here’s a snippet of what Wheeliam has to share:

  1. Lead by example. “We are only as good as the people that work with us. If I'm going to expect my team to do certain things, I have to be willing to do those things as well.”
  2. Prepare your team to move up: “If I haven't gotten you ready for the next step in your career within the next 12 months, I'm not doing my job.”
  3. Value multifamily maintenance training. “When certain things are gonna take me away to go do something else, I need to be able to know that my team is gonna be able to handle the property when I'm gone.”
  4. Don’t be late for anything. “If you see something needs to be taken care of, take care of it and beat people to the punch.”
  5. Closed mouths don’t get fed. “I can't help you if I don't know what the problem is and I can't guess what the problem is.”
  6. Pay attention. “In life and every situation that we deal with, we can find a lesson in everything that we do. And not only does that make us better at our job, but that makes us better as people in general”
  7. All we have is our word. “If we say we're gonna do something, we have to do it.”

Wheeliam, thank you for modeling what it looks like to be a Boss in the apartment and multifamily maintenance field. We want to invite our listeners, like YOU, to share what you’re passionate about and how you lead like a Boss. Contact our host, Evan Happel, to schedule your spot on Boss Talks, a multifamily podcast about how to Manage Like A Boss.