Boss Talks

Episode 02 with Veronica Soto

Recorded on:
April 27, 2022

In this week’s episode of Boss Talks, we’re chatting with Veronica Soto, Property Manager at Brandywine Apartments. She shares how, despite being in a rural area north of Bakersfield, her community is thriving. From viral TikToks to overcrowded parking lots to fantastic community events, here’s our conversation with Veronica.

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  • 00:55 - Meet Veronica, Property Manager at Brandywine Apartments
  • 02:07 - Why we started using social media to connect with our residents
  • 04:40 - Community involvement beyond our own property
  • 06:22 - Don’t give up; stay consistent for your community
  • 07:52 - Offering community rewards for residents
  • 08:54 - How to showcase the reality and teach the basics
  • 10:57 - Keep informing your residents of community-wide events
  • 13:11 - Other community reward tools
  • 14:24 - Parking problems before Parking Boss
  • 17:40 - How Parking Boss solved some major violations
  • 21:01 - Veronica’s encouraging superpower
  • 23:39 - The many hats of a Property Manager
  • 27:02 - Paint a realistic picture of community life

It’s obvious that Brandywine Apartments are the real deal. During the pandemic, their management team turned to social media as a community tool, and their TikTok started booming! But it wasn’t necessarily for perfectly curated photos.

Veronica explains that “people would rather see what your community does with residents than showcasing your units.” They often get comments saying, “I was drawn to this property because I saw you on social media and you guys do a lot with your residents.” But their social media efforts are just a byproduct of the work they’re actually doing to build relationships and enhance their community.

Another element that sets Brandywine apart from other communities: “We don’t just do things for our residents. We’re big on community involvement. You want people to know that you care about where you live.” And thanks to Parking Boss and Amenity Boss, they can easily achieve that reality.

Before Parking Boss, “we never had enough spaces for residents to park. Now there's no way to get around manipulating the system!” Beyond organized parking lots, they’ve even been able to help the local authorities locate stolen vehicles or persons of interest on multiple occasions, thanks to Parking Boss. She continued to rave about how we are “constantly keeping it updated and adding different things,” which ultimately makes her job as Property Manager even easier.

Aside from being one of our biggest Parking Boss cheerleaders, Veronica is so encouraging to everyone she meets, from residents to staff and even to other properties. “We’re far from perfect, we’re just showing the reality of our community.” And so can you.

Thank you Veronica for showcasing what it means to Manage Like A Boss! If you’re curious to learn from other multifamily bosses like Veronica, then subscribe to this podcast for more inspiration. And if you liked this episode, then don’t forget to share it with other bosses in your community too!