Boss Talks

Episode 35 with Stephanie Anderson

Recorded on:
March 15, 2023

Here's what you'll learn about:

  • Balancing work and parenting as a working mom - With the blend of work and home at an all time high, how is it possible to be successful in the workplace while also being present in the home?
  • Human Trafficking - why is this cause so important? And why should multifamily professionals care?
  • The importance of flexibility and mental health - Setting the standard vs. being an optional benefit. If you don’t take your PTO as a leader, how are you setting the tone for your employees?
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Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie Anderson is the Senior Director, Communications and Social Media, at Grace Hill. She’s a working mom of four with over 16 years of property management experience—she’s the first leader in multifamily to bring a unique 360 perspective —working as an operator, a non-profit association manager, and a supplier partner. Stephanie was NAAEI’s 2015 Designate of the Year and CAM of the Year in 2013. She is a powerhouse speaker that provides her audience with an experience; motivating professionals to greater success and disrupting the status quo at all costs.

Stephanie is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she majored in English literature and women’s studies. She holds a Virginia Real Estate License, is certified as a National Instructor for NAAEI, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer. Stephanie is a graduate of NAA’s Leadership Lyceum and promotes awareness of human trafficking in rental housing.