Boss Talks

Episode 67 with Maria Pietroforte

Recorded on:
November 8, 2023

This episode of Boss Talks features Maria Pietroforte, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, who shares her journey from beginning her career in the 80s to becoming a president of a company within only eight years. She transitions her career towards technology-based companies and later becomes a consultant, emphasizing people-first leadership and culture-building. Outside work, she showcases her commitment to her love for animals by training her Rottweiler, Gunnar, for champion levels and certifications.

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Get to know Maria:

In this episode of "Maria Pietroforte Boss Talks", industry veteran Maria Pietroforte, who boasts over 30 years of experience in the property management realm, is the guest.

Maria shares her unique journey in the sector, starting from an operator role, diligently working her way up to an executive position, and then pivoting to a consulting role in the same industry. Despite starting in an environment largely driven by profits and male-dominated leadership, Maria credits her career progression to always doing her best and being solution-oriented.

The conversation delves into discussing the 'people-first' approach within the industry. Maria has been a firm advocate for the philosophy, asserting that leadership success often stems from cultivating a nurturing culture that values employees and prioritizes their needs and developmental growth.

The discussion also brings up the issue of gender bias in the real estate industry. Maria speaks on her experiences as a female leader, emphasizing that leadership ability isn't tied to a title and true leaders prioritize the success of their team.

Maria also shares her experiences on the supplier side of the business, where she engaged with startups and technology. This was an opportunity for her to learn more about technology and marketing which she could then bring back to the property management side.

The conversation concludes with Maria sharing her passion for animals. She discusses her experiences training her Rottweiler, Gunnar, applying her leadership skills in the process.

Overall, the podcast serves as an in-depth dive into Maria's career, her leadership philosophy, navigating industry biases, and personal interests, making for a highly informative and engaging listen.