Boss Talks

Episode 73 with Lissette Perez

Recorded on:
January 10, 2024

In this episode of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel interviews Lissette Perez, the recently promoted regional vice president of American Landmark. Coming from a nursing background, Lissette brings a unique perspective to the property management industry, emphasizing the importance of emotional and social connections to better work environments. She talks about her passion for serving others, her work with charities like Second Harvest Food Bank and Advent Health, and the founding of Latinas in PM - an initiative providing resources and support for Latin women in the multifamily industry. Lissette also stresses the importance of human interaction, mindful leadership, and nurturing the community aspect of work. Get ready for an episode packed with wisdom, empathy, and practical advice for the modern workforce.

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In this podcast, Lissette Perez shares her journey in the property management industry, including her recent promotion to the Regional Vice President of American Landmark. Lissette shares her experience in juggling full-time work and college, changing her major from nursing to business management, and rising through the ranks from a leasing agent to a vice president role.

The conversation moves to a discussion on the role millennials play in current leadership positions. Lissette notes the unique position millennials are in due to their understanding of both pre- and post-technology lifestyles. She states that this understanding allows them to bridge the gap between older and younger generations in the workplace.

Talk turns to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on social interactions at work. Lissette emphasizes the importance of face-to-face conversation and interaction for fostering creativity and improving work relationships.

Moreover, Lissette highlights her involvement with Latinas in PM, a group that empowers Latinas, particularly in leadership roles in the property management industry, and provides support and resources for Latinos in the community. She is part of the advisory board and has witnessed the group's growth and impact firsthand.

In addition to her professional work, Lissette speaks about her personal commitment to community service through Second Harvest Food Bank and Advent Health. She notes that such engagements not only aid the community but also provide a sense of perspective, especially when one is dealing with what seems like a hard day.

The conversation wraps up with Lissette sharing her plans for her new role at work intending to foster a work environment that builds trust, encourages authenticity, and puts emphasis on the interpersonal skills of her team.