Boss Talks

Episode 51 with Lindsey Holland

Recorded on:
July 7, 2023

Here's what you can look forward to learning from Lindsey:

  • Stealth companies…looking to bring new products into the Multifamily space. What are they and what’s the advice she’d give to anyone looking to launch a PropTech company?
  • Career paths in the industry, specifically opportunities on the supplier side.
  • Remote work and how to bring a little color into your day while working from home.
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Who is Lindsey Holland?

Lindsey had 9+ successful years in Property Management, in both student and conventional housing, before making the jump to the supplier side.

Lindsey is a 3x startup leader with a focus on building first-to-market B2B SaaS companies. She has led Customer Experience (CX) at companies like HomeMe, LeaseLock, and Landing and currently works as a fractional CCO.

Leveraging her 15+ total years of industry experience, she is helping PropTech startups find product-market fit and develop customer acquisition strategies.