Boss Talks

Episode 80 with Latinas in Property Management

Recorded on:
February 28, 2024

Episode 80 of Boss Talks features a group discussion with Latinas in Property Management to celebrate their contributions and progress within the multifamily and property management industry. Host Evan Happel invites founder Joelis Barandica - Rodriguez and other key members, including advisory board members. They discuss the journey and experiences of various Latinas within the property management sector, covering professional development, the importance of community support, and the launch of a new platform, Hispanics in Multifamily (HIM), to further empower Hispanic professionals in the industry. Additionally, the conversations explore the roles of supplier partners in supporting the property management industry, emphasizing collaboration, mutual support, and the value of diverse perspectives. The podcast highlights stories of personal growth, the impact of mentorship, and the importance of inclusivity and representation in fostering professional success.

*The views and opinions expressed on Boss Talks are those of the host and their guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Community Boss.

The world of property management is vast and diverse, yet specific groups within the industry are only beginning to receive the spotlight they truly deserve. One such group is the trailblazing Latinas in Property Management (Latinas in PM), a vibrant community dedicated to uplifting and advocating for Latina professionals in the multifamily industry. Their story, ethos, and success make for an inspiring narrative, one that spans personal growth, professional development, and the power of supportive communities.

The organization, highlighted by its founder Joelis Barandica - Rodriguez, is more than just a professional network. It emerged from a deep-seated desire to create a space for Latina women within the multifamily property management industry, an area where they could share knowledge, support each other, and grow together both professionally and personally.

The heart of Latinas in PM is its members - a diverse group of powerful and motivated women who have come together to make a difference. From Joelis, the founder and a beacon of inspiration, to Lori Agudo, who emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities and forging paths for others, each member brings a unique story and perspective to the table. The group also includes Karla Soto, a business owner who bridges the multifamily and hospitality industries, and Jennifer, a regional manager keen on learning and growth. Together, they represent a microcosm of the talent, ambition, and leadership flourishing within the Latina community in property management.

Latinas in PM is not only about personal achievements but also about fostering a supportive community. The group holds seminars, webinars, and social events to discuss industry trends, leadership, and personal development. These gatherings are crucial for sharing knowledge and experience, offering mentorship opportunities, and, most significantly, providing a platform for voices that have been historically underrepresented in leadership roles.

One of the most exciting developments for Latinas in PM is the launch of Hispanics in Multifamily (H.I.M.), a parallel initiative aimed at empowering Hispanic male professionals across the multifamily industry. This expansion signifies the group's commitment to inclusivity and growth, further broadening the support network for Latinos in the industry.

The stories shared on "Boss Talks" resonate beyond the confines of property management—they are a testament to the power of representation, mentorship, and community. Latinas in PM exemplifies how a focused support network can break barriers, foster unity, and create lasting change in the multifamily industry.

As we celebrate these remarkable women and their achievements, it's clear the story of Latinas in PM is just beginning. Their journey stands as a vibrant example of what can be accomplished when passion meets purpose. With their sights set on national expansion, education, and empowerment initiatives, the future is undoubtedly bright for Latinas in Property Management.

In a world where the paths to professional success are as diverse as the individuals seeking it, the story of Latinas in PM serves as a powerful reminder of the strength found in unity and shared purpose. Their continued efforts to elevate their community, challenge stereotypes, and provide mentorship signify a pivotal shift towards a more inclusive and equitable property management industry. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Latinas in PM is not just rising—they’re soaring, taking the industry to new heights with every step forward.