Boss Talks

Episode 54 with Kerri Davis

Recorded on:
July 26, 2023

Here's what you can look forward to learning from Kerri:

Creating an environment where people can thrive:

  • Provide great technology/tools (why Fortress exists)
  • Give them other great people, reward your overachievers by not burdening them with under-achievers)
  • Demand that they use their voice, and then create a safe (but also authentic) environment for them to collaborate with open dissention
  • The way it has been done isn’t the way it needs to be done – encourage free thinking and entrepreneurialism

Giving back:

  • Giving team members an outlet to contribute to a philanthropic cause is hugely impactful.  
  • Affordability is a huge component of housing today, and those of us in real estate are in a great position to give back to the communities through housing.
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Who is Kerri Davis?

Kerri Davis is the Founder & CEO of Fortress, a revolutionary software company shaping the future of property management. 

In her role as President of Elmington's property management division, she was dissatisfied with the current PropTech offerings in the market and set out to build a better platform for all users. 

Today, the company has Walker & Dunlop as an investor and 50,000+ units on the platform. 

Fortress started as an internal tool and is now actively onboarding clients across the country. 

Kerri earned an accounting degree from the University of Central Arkansas and received her Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University. 

After graduating, Kerri worked in Baghdad as a business manager for a Department of State contractor and in accounting before joining Elmington Property Management, where she ultimately became a partner and owner, roles she still holds today.