Boss Talks

Episode 09 with Jennifer Carter

Recorded on:
August 17, 2022

Hey, Bosses! If you’re as passionate about the multifamily industry as we are, then pop in your earbuds for today’s podcast episode! We’re chatting with Jennifer Carter from Fetch about supporting onsite team members, making mistakes (and learning from them), finding work/life balance, and ultimately how to make it to the vendor side.

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  • 01:03 - Meet Jennifer Carter from Fetch
  • 04:25 - Ding dong! The necessity of package management
  • 07:26 - How Fetch benefits residents and onsite teams
  • 07:47 - Utilizing community maps to aid deliveries
  • 09:37 - The benefits of being an onsite team member
  • 10:44 - Why you (and I) need a business mentor
  • 12:44 - Managing a team means making mistakes and learning from them
  • 16:46 - Navigating the choppy waters of work/life balance
  • 19:47 - Where is our industry headed in 2023?
  • 22:18 - How to switch to the vendor side

Like many of you, Jennifer is passionate about the multifamily industry. “As many folks know…once you get in, you never get out!” From property management with Aspen Square Management to marketing with Apartment Guide, from resident retention with SatisFacts to prop tech with Smart Rent, her multifold roles deepened her understanding of the complete onsite experience—which fits perfectly with her current role at Fetch, a package management logistics company.

Fetch allows residents to choose when they want their package. They can start ordering right after they sign their lease, or they can have it held for up to 6 months. Obviously this is a huge benefit for onsite teams since no one is hired to move, sort, or store boxes. Even better, a community that also utilizes Community Boss can aid deliveries with our Community Map, which contains a Community Directory and geolocation services.

Once you start listening, you’ll quickly notice a theme that Jennifer loves helping people. And that’s one of the many reasons why she has achieved Boss Status.

  • Understanding: Understanding the client and making their experience better is what it’s all about.
  • Connections: Someone called Jennifer the glue that connects people together, and what a good definition! As a Boss, you can be the pivotal piece that acts as a connector between your people.
  • Joy: Technology is never going to replace people, so let’s joyfully serve clients and encourage them to live from their talents instead of their titles.
  • Empathy: Having empathy for the onsite team and what they do on a day-to-day basis is crucial to Managing Like A Boss. Our role should help mitigate all the work the onsite team is doing and make their life a little bit easier.
  • Management: “You can manage people, be a leader, and a mentor, but you have to be able to manage yourself to be a good mentor or to be a good leader or to be a good boss.”
  • Mentorship: In Jennifer’s words, a mentor “helps you with your strengths, but also isn’t afraid to help you polish up the negative and be honest.”

Jennifer reminded us that “there's something about this industry, that there's something different every day.” Those are the kind of stories we love hearing about on Boss Talks! We provide a platform to share about your Boss Status so others can learn from your experiences. Contact us to be a Boss Talks guest, or share this episode with others to help them Manage Like A Boss.