Boss Talks

Episode 72 with Jacob Carter

Recorded on:
January 3, 2024

In this engaging podcast episode, host Evan interviews Jacob Carter, the CEO and founder of Nurture Boss, about his journey from software engineering to multifamily. They discuss the transformative impact of integrating AI into property management and the potential of hyper personalization in enhancing the resident experience. The chat also covers the shift towards data-driven decision-making, the blurred lines between marketing and operations, and the future of the multifamily industry.

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Jacob begins by sharing his journey from being a software engineer in marketing companies to the CEO of Nurture Boss. His transition into property management was driven by his belief in technology's ability to solve issues and improve processes.

Nurture Boss uses AI to blur the boundaries between marketing and operations. Jacob highlights a significant part of Nurture Boss's platform is dedicated to creating a delightful experience for tenants from day zero. Examples include automating reminders, updates, and invitations for events to ensure a seamless communication flow for the tenants. It further aids the process of lease renewals and the move-in process.

According to Jacob, the primary mechanism driving these strategies is 'hyper-personalization.' Nurture Boss uses AI to understand the preferences, wants, and needs of each prospect or resident, sending them relevant content that resonates with their interests. This information is sourced from various property databases, property websites and is constantly updated based on their interactions.

Jacob also discusses how data can lead to more informed decisions during the lead-to-lease process. He suggests that rather than focusing solely on the source of most leads, companies should look at what happens during the lead's journey. Recognizing patterns could help inform strategies to maximize successes.

Jacob ends the conversation by noting the growing prominence of AI and the importance of learning how to leverage it to the best advantage. He emphasizes that a blend of AI with human input is currently beneficial but indicates that enhancements to AI could significantly change businesses in the future.