Boss Talks

Episode 78 with Elizabeth Braman

Recorded on:
February 14, 2024

In episode 78 of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel interviews Elizabeth Braman, CEO and one of the founders of Revolution RE. Elizabeth shares her journey from being a lawyer to spearheading a multifamily data SaaS company. The conversation delves into how Revolution RE is disrupting the real estate industry by making data more accessible, removing the complications and high costs traditionally associated with data acquisition. Additionally, Elizabeth discusses her passion for baking, her approach to building community, and the evolution of her career from technology law to real estate and technology entrepreneurship. The episode also touches on the challenges and opportunities in data aggregation and analysis within the real estate industry, emphasizing the importance of clean and structured data for insightful decision-making. Elizabeth concludes by sharing her personal celebration of Valentine's Day with her family and her favorite chocolate cake.

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In the 78th episode of Boss Talks, we welcome Elizabeth Braman, CEO of Revolution RE, a company at the forefront of enhancing the real estate space with robust data solutions. Elizabeth's journey transitions intriguingly from practicing technology law to leading a data-driven real estate company.

Revolution RE was bred out of a quest to understand the dearth of usable data in the real estate sector. Despite being the world's largest asset class, critical data about property operations and finances were surprisingly scanty. Revolution RE undertakes the role of gathering raw data, transforming it into a digestible format, and disseminating useful information to clients. This aids stakeholders from real estate owners to PropTech companies in streamlining operations and making well-informed decisions.

Data plays a crucial role in improving tenant retention. Leveraging various data points, Revolution RE employs predictive analytics to gauge whether a tenant is expected to leave or stay. The ability to utilize consolidated data enables managers to make informed decisions about their property.

Aiding the PropTech industry forms a significant part of Revolution RE's operations. They facilitate data accessibility and enrich existing data sets for PropTech companies, enabling the provision of value-add services to clients. Revolution RE employs various property management systems to transform raw data into consistent formats for business intelligence, aligning data visualization with client preference for actionable insights.

Real-world dynamics such as seasonal impacts and localized trends also form a part of the data set, providing comprehensive insights to the property management companies.

Beyond data and technology, Elizabeth holds human interaction paramount to building community. She utilizes her passion for baking to engage colleagues and friends and extends this to her company's monthly newsletter where the love for baking meets multifamily data discussions.

Real estate is witnessing a transformation driven by data. The insights shared by Elizabeth Braman highlight data's potential in revolutionizing real estate operations and driving tenant retention. As Revolution RE stands at the helms of leading the 'data revolution', they turn data into an invaluable resource that optimizes the future of real estate. Until the next episode of Boss Talks, keep bossing it in your own unique ways.