Boss Talks

Episode 01 with Colleen Kearnes

Recorded on:
April 20, 2022

Join us for our very first Boss Talks episode with Colleen Kearnes, a social media marketing and branding boss! Learn how she applied her expertise as a social media influencer to the real estate world with Aspire Properties Northwest and Northwest Apartments. Stick around until the end to hear her suggestions about how to keep your social media fresh for your audience and relevant to your community.

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  • 01:00 - Meet Coleen, social media and marketing for Aspire Properties and Northwest Apartments
  • 03:16 - Marketing creativity is key
  • 04:12 - Coleen’s personal experience with Parking Boss (“It’s really easy to sign up!”)
  • 05:22 - Launching Parque, a new, luxury, high-tech community
  • 07:28 - How to do social media like a boss (Tip: creativity and trends)
  • 09:31 - It’s all about serving our communities
  • 11:10 - How does personal branding apply to the real estate world?
  • 13:06 - TikTok’s impact on our industry
  • 15:10 - Video is taking over. Does that include Pinterest?
  • 17:23 - Why FOMO is a social media marketing strategy
  • 19:16 - Last piece of advice: don’t be perfect, just show up with more content

In this Boss Talk, Colleen shares some of her best social media tips, especially in the realm of real estate. She spills the beans on which platforms she prefers, the best-performing types of content, and how to stay relevant with your audience. In her words, “Don’t be perfect. Just show up with more content.”

She also explains how sharing authentic content, no matter the platform, gains more engagement. “It's really all about sharing the community and what we have to offer.” For example, create a reel with clips from a community event, snap sunset photos from your stellar rooftop balcony, or showcase behind-the-scenes images of the people who help your community run smoothly.

“That's actually one reason why I love your company [Community Boss], because you guys are very community centric as well.” Thanks, Colleen! We are grateful to have spent years partnering with numerous properties to help you guard, enhance, and protect your community.

Beyond social media, Colleen mentioned that “the root of good business is your relationships and your ability to build that trust with people.” Whether you manage vintage or high-tech properties like Aspire, or anything in between, incorporating Parking Boss is just one way to build your community.

In fact, Colleen utilized Parking Boss before she ever worked for Aspire Properties—and then went on to recommend our products when she joined their team. “It was really easy to sign up. That was my first impression.” She went on to say that it “gives residents that quick, easy kind of tech-friendly experience.”

Thank you Colleen for modeling what it means to Manage Like A Boss! If you’re curious to learn from other multifamily bosses, then subscribe to this podcast for more inspiration. And if you liked this episode, then don’t forget to share this episode with other bosses in your community too!