Boss Talks

Episode 16 with Bridget Foley

Recorded on:
October 5, 2022

Hey, Boss! Meet Bridget Foley, Director of Multifamily Partnerships at Move for Hunger. She blends her passion for giving back with the goal to raise awareness for food waste and food insecurity. Grab your headphones (and a snack) before you hit play!

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  • 01:00 - Meet Bridget Foley, Director of Multifamily Partnerships at Move for Hunger
  • 06:35 - How to partner with Move for Hunger
  • 07:41 - The reality of food waste in the USA
  • 09:01 - Beyond just multifamily: food drives and movers
  • 10:31 - Help your multifamily property reduce food waste
  • 16:18 - Bridget’s benefits of working in multifamily
  • 18:40 - Multifamily industry mentors, conferences, certifications, and training
  • 21:17 - Women in business plus imposter syndrome
  • 25:40 - Viewer question: What repeat challenges do you face?
  • 28:00 - Final 3 questions: community, cooking, and coffee

What is Move for Hunger? We work with the multifamily industry to collect food from residents who are moving in or moving out, and then donate that food to local food banks. Our goal is to bring awareness to food insecurity and food waste.

What sets Move for Hunger apart from other food donation organizations? Most people want to donate or help others, but the moving process is stressful and hectic. “We are able to really take what’s good and bring it over to multifamily… We’re taking that guilt off by doing this for you.”

How much food has Move for Hunger salvaged/donated? From harvest to dinner plate, approximately 35% of food is wasted in America, close to 18 billion tons. We work more than 3,000 properties across all 50 states, and collect an average of 250 pounds per property. As of recording (September 2022) we’ve collected 90,000 pounds of food so far this year! “Imagine if we had every single property in the multifamily industry collecting…times 250—that would be an insane amount of food that would go to the local communities!”

Where can I sign up my multifamily community? Move for Hunger makes it simple for your community to reduce food waste and support local food banks. Here’s how:

  1. When you sign up, we kindly request a $250 annual donation.
  2. We send free brown recyclable paper collection bags to hold your non-perishable food donations.
  3. When you’re ready, call us and ask for a pickup. We’ll work with our team of movers to collect your bags within 30 days and deliver them to a local food bank.

Bridget Foley has always had a passion to give back to her community and the multifamily industry has encouraged her to open up her wings and fly! “It’s been really nice to just have some fun and be able to develop my own personal brand in a way.” Her two-pronged approach of learning from the industry and mentors has set Bridget up for success—which ultimately brings awareness to food insecurity and food waste through Move for Hunger!

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