Boss Talks

Episode 74 with Ashley Jenkins

Recorded on:
January 17, 2024

In this episode of Boss Talks, host Evan Happel interviews 24-year-old Ashley Jenkins from Texas, who is making waves in the property management sector. Ashley shares her inspiring journey from a high school dropout who worked two minimum wage jobs to being recognized in the '20 in their 20s' at NAA. She also talks about her innovations in the field, specifically the development of a software solution to track appliances in apartment units. Additionally, they delve into the importance of equipping maintenance teams with proper training and nurturing their growth within the field. Ashley also shares her ambitions of becoming a regional manager and her thoughts on the boundless opportunities within the multifamily industry.

*The views and opinions expressed on Boss Talks are those of the host and their guest(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Community Boss.

Ashley Jenkins started her career without finishing high school and worked two minimum wage jobs. Following a crippling accident while coaching gymnastics, Ashley was faced with unprecedented challenges. Soon after the accident, a property manager offered her a position as a leasing agent which marked the start of her journey in the property management industry.

Ashley recounts her growth in the property management industry, first as a leasing agent in a Class C property, then as a property manager in a Class A property, and her ambition of becoming a regional manager. She acknowledges the importance of personal growth and the significance of every step in her career. She emphasizes the need for cross-training in property management, explaining the differences between class A, B, and C properties, and how each requires different skills and approaches.

Ashley also discusses the importance of maintenance professionalism in the industry and the development of training programs that equip maintenance staff with the necessary skills and knowledge. She is part of a project to develop a maintenance readiness training program in partnership with her local college and has even achieved her EPA certification to understand this segment better.

In conclusion, Ashley encourages listeners not to get discouraged by challenges and always seek growth. She also promotes the importance of learning, cross-training, and problem-solving in the property management industry. Her story offers inspiration to those at any stage of their career and emphasizes that anyone can be successful by embracing opportunities, being innovative, and staying focused.