Boss Talks

Episode 21 with Alicia Holmes

Recorded on:
November 16, 2022

Hey, Boss! Have you ever wanted your content (or community) to go viral? If so, you won’t want to miss Alicia Holmes’ tried-and-true marketing tips! Tune in to Boss Talks podcast episode 21 to learn more.

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  • 01:51 - Meet Alicia Holmes, from Edward Rose & Sons
  • 05:54 - Multifamily marketing, training, and e-learning
  • 08:11 - Shoe rooms and vacation closets
  • 12:09 - E-trainings: conflict resolution and face-to-face interactions
  • 15:22 - The 2 Pillars of marketing
  • 19:30 - Consistency, Connection, Content
  • 36:21 - Our 3 favorite Community Boss questions

In addition to owning 171 pairs of shoes and planning to visit all 7 continents, Alicia Holmes has accrued more than 10 years of experience in the multifamily industry. In particular, she has refined her skills as a master marketer. You won’t want to miss Alicia’s realistic marketing tips for the long game!

Marketing Pillar #1: People. “We’re all in the people business, right? It's where someone's going to live. It's where someone might take their first steps, where they might fall in or out of love. Their home is such an intimate part that I think centering on people reminds you that this is really a people business.”

Marketing Pillar #2: Joy. “Who doesn't want joy? Marketing should be fun. It's okay if it's not perfect. If you had eight people like your post, don't feel bad. Because if eight people came up to you today and told you that they liked you, you would actually feel really good about it.”

3 Ways To Enhance Your Multifamily Marketing

Connection. “People don't always understand the words that you use, so you need to say it to them in their words. Because we are here to solve a problem. They need somewhere to live. Everyone has to live somewhere. Shelter is one of our basic needs. So really just being open with that humanity piece and meeting people where they are and asking simple questions.”

Consistency. “Your tens and tens of views turn into thousands and thousands. Consistency is the best hack!”

Content. “Do they respond to pictures? Do they respond to videos? Do they like long-form words? Really playing with fire with that one. The average attention span is only down to six seconds so you need to have something really attention-grabbing. So figuring out what type of content they actually want, what resonates best with them, and not being afraid to fail.”

Whether you’re a shoe fanatic with the travel bug or a Boss in the multifamily industry, we know that Alicia’s marketing hacks are spot on! Thanks, Alicia, for Managing Like A Boss and sharing your top expertise with our Boss Talks listeners!