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What Is Residential Parking Management?

Are you a residential manager, property owner, or HOA board member who needs some help with residential parking?

Are you a residential manager, property owner, or HOA board member who needs some help with residential parking? Parking Boss has you covered!

We make communities better to live in, easier to manage, and more valuable to own by building innovative solutions that simplify shared living. And one of the best ways we do that is with a smart parking management system.

What does residential parking mean?

Residential parking is exactly what it sounds like: parking spaces in residential communities like yours!

Residential parking is convenient, secure parking in residential communities, such as condos, HOAs, and townhome communities. It includes multiple types of parking:

  • Resident vehicle parking: usually a renter's vehicle or the vehicle of a non-owner roommate
  • Deeded parking: parking spaces owned by specific condo or townhome owners
  • Guest parking: in designated guest spaces or on private streets near residential homes
  • Retail parking: in designated retail parking spaces for attached or nearby businesses or points of interest
  • Includes: parking spaces and garages
  • Does not include: city or public streets

What is a parking management system?

If you’re hoping to maximize parking potential while minimizing parking problems, then you’re ready for a parking management system!

A residential parking management system simplifies parking by combining property management with parking enforcement. This type of program helps residential managers and HOA board members do three things more efficiently:

  • Track vehicles in your community
  • Enforce community parking rules
  • Gain parking data to make better decisions

As a bonus, parking management systems upgrade your basic parking lots and open the door to additional opportunities, like assigning standard and premium parking spaces to residents, designating visitor parking spots, or earning additional revenue from paid guest parking to add to your reserve fund.

In fact, parking management systems utilize innovative technology solutions like license plate recognition and automated gates to make your parking more efficient. That translates to convenient and secure parking, fewer complaints from residents about guest parking, and less overhead administrative costs.

What is a smart parking management system?

Transform your basic parking spaces into intelligent ones with a smart parking management system! This modern approach combines technology solutions with parking management to deliver incredible benefits to your community.

  • Software: A tech-focused solution is easy, efficient, and accurate at tracking resident and guest vehicles, plus allows for self enforcement.
  • Smart devices: Smart parking software incorporates smart devices, such as mobile phone apps, license plate recognition(LPR) cameras, parking sensors, virtual gates, and smart parking meters (to set limits on guest vehicles).
  • Real-time data: Your volunteer parking enforcement team gains real-time data about who is in your community, which parking rules are being followed, and where you can improve your parking enforcement.

A smart parking management system is incredible for your community, but the benefits go beyond just happy residents! Your leadership team gains useful insights from parking metrics (to know who the offenders are) and you can even transform unused spaces into a way of increasing reserve funds.

How can Parking Boss help manage my HOA & condo resident parking issues?

We know it can be tough to find the best residential parking management system for your community. As leaders in the industry, Parking Boss delivers the best smart parking management system for residential parking. When you use Parking Boss, you can take control and increase reserve funds with smart parking solutions:

  • Fair parking for residents and guests
  • Streamlined process for issuing resident permits
  • Convenient access to guest parking registration via signage and QR codes
  • Efficient parking enforcement of your community parking rules
  • Easy for managers, owners, and board members to access parking data
  • Smart parking features like license plate recognition (LPR) make self-enforcement easy
  • Our software can work in partnership with any third-party tow company or patrol agency

We help resolve your parking issues.

As a residential manager, property owner, or HOA board member, you know the tension that residential parking can cause. We’re here to make your job easier!

Parking Boss combines property management with parking enforcement to help simplify your parking and:

  • Defend against parking complaints, unauthorized residents, and bad reviews.
  • Enhance your community with convenient resident parking, self-service guest parking, and a community directory for deliveries.
  • Monetize with guest pay-to-park and premium resident parking options.

Ready to manage like a boss? Get started today with Parking Boss.

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