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The 10 Best Homeowners’ Association Software

We’ve compiled a list of the top homeowners’ association software so you can find what’s right for your community.

Are you a self-managed condo or homeowners’ association looking for more efficient ways to run everything? If so, then your search for the best HOA management software is over. We’ve compiled a list of the top homeowners’ association software so you can find what’s right for your community.

What are the needs of your condo or homeowners’ association? Do you need software to help with anything from resident communications to fee payments? Or maybe the only thing in need of some help is your parking management. The best community association software for your condo community or HOA is out there, and we want to help you find it.

So, what is HOA software? It’s software created specifically for the purpose of assisting homeowners’ associations with day-to-day management tasks, saving time and money in the long run.

Benefits of HOA software

Many times, the biggest complaint among HOA management is the time it takes to complete administrative tasks. It isn’t easy to track down homeowners to address things like condo parking complaints or overdue payments. Are you stuck with busy-work that’s preventing you from building a thriving community?

HOA management software can help you:

  • Improve communication by engaging community members with updates
  • Manage association memberships and their respective information
  • Enhance member experience with more benefits from helpful community tools
  • Automate various administrative tasks

HOA software features to look for

Some of the specific features of the best HOA software are dependent on the needs of your HOA. However, there are a few elements that make a software worth your time and money.

Easy-to-use interface

You want a software that helps you save time and doesn’t make life more difficult. Look for anything that requires minimal training with a high-quality user interface. The more efficient it is to use, the less hassle there will be for you and your management team.  

Payment processing

A good management software should be able to process fees like amenity/clubhouse deposits and paid parking. It should also provide the ability for 24/7 self-service payments for residents.

Customizable rules and limits

Look for something that allows you to create your own rules for your community, includes elements of fairness, and creates an easy way to enforce those rules.

Hassle-free homeowner access to relevant information: This can include anything from being able to access guest parking records and parking enforcement information to upcoming community events or CC&Rs. Even easy access to gate codes saves time and effort for homeowners and management staff.

Hassle-free homeowner access to relevant information

This can include anything from being able to access guest parking records and parking enforcement information to upcoming community events or CC&Rs. Even easy access to gate codes saves time and effort for homeowners and management staff.

Top HOA Software Options

So, what is the best HOA management software out there? Take a look at some of the top-rated and most-reviewed software options for HOAs.

#1: Parking Boss

Need a way for visitors to easily identify and easily register for guest parking? Check. How about a way to designate where homeowners should park? They have that too. An interactive parking map? Easy enforcement tools? Integrated decals and signage? Amenity reservation add-on options? Parking Boss has it all!

Parking Boss is the obvious number-one choice because it meets all of our criteria mentioned above! Created specifically to take away the parking headache for condos and HOAs, Parking Boss creates guest parking harmony with intuitive software. Parking is made fair and secure, while guests and residents feel informed and respected.

24/7 self-service guest parking with their advanced yet easy-to-use web-based Parking Attendant app is the best condo and HOA parking solution for all demographics, including condominium, townhome, single-family home, and 55+ communities, plus mixed-use and urban luxury high-rises. Parking Boss helps communities ensure parking is secure for all residents and guests while enhancing the available spaces—and even creating opportunities to monetize guest spaces to boost reserve funds.

We know it can be overwhelming to get started with a brand new software. If you ever get stuck, Parking Boss provides free onboarding and ongoing expert support. Get started today with Parking Boss.

  • User interface: easy-to-follow navigation, extensive metrics for leadership, simple for guest parking access via web link or QR code, license plate recognition (LPR) for parking enforcement, different user access for enforcement, managers, and the public
  • Payment processing: for guest & retail parking, reserved spaces, and parking violations (additional amenity options available)
  • Customizable rules and limits: each community can set their own parking rules with completely customizable time limits and violation thresholds
  • Homeowner access: easily accessible via Parking Boss app to view remaining guest parking time, violations, and register permits

#2: Buildium

Buildium is a property management software created to make management simpler and more efficient. Like Parking Boss, Buildium is one of the best HOA software products because it works with any number of homes in your community. They cater to management of rental properties, condominiums, and homeowners’ associations.

Unlike Parking Boss, they don’t have a dedicated parking management tool in the software. Learn more about Buildium.

  • User interface: easy for residents to use, extra features available for management
  • Payment processing: collect fees and pay bills, automate late fees
  • Customizable rules and limits: no parking management and enforcement capabilities
  • Homeowner access: Resident Center creates an effortless experience for residents and management to collect rent, request maintenance, post on a message board, or access important documents

#3: Appfolio Property Manager

Appfolio promises to modernize your business with a property management solution that does it all. Plus, it’s designed to delight residents and staff. Appfolio’s approach focuses on customer-driven innovation via a singular platform to form a true business partnership between your teams and Appfolio’s support teams.

Appfolio boosts efficiency, streamlines communication, and exceeds your customers’ expectations. Learn more about Appfolio.

  • User interface: clear online portals, dashboard with key performance metrics
  • Payment processing: bank integrations, online payments, automated accounts payable
  • Customizable rules and limits: end-to-end violation processing, not parking related
  • Homeowner access: online portal and mobile app with on-demand tools for homeowners, association portal with folders, docs, and communication tools

#4: Yardi

Yardi’s Condo, Co-op, and HOA suite optimizes your business with a single integrated database, increases efficiency with automated workflows, and provides secure access to real-time information. The condo suite includes property management and accounting, marketing and owner services, payment processing, utility billing, and document management. Learn more about Yardi.

  • User interface: screens, menus, and reports are customizable with options to add CONDOCafé for additional online services
  • Payment processing: amenity payments, parking pass processing, ability to collect payments online or by check, text, or walk-ins
  • Customizable rules and limits: doesn’t mention condo parking management and enforcement capabilities
  • Homeowner access: homeowner access to ledgers and real-time property information

#5: Pay HOA

PayHOA is an all-in-one software for managing your HOA 100% online. Over 13,000 HOAs use PayHOA with scalable pricing to fit your community. Like Parking Boss, PayHOA works with the smallest self-managed HOAs up to large scale property managers. Although it falls mid-way on our list of the best homeowners’ association software products, there is no parking management tool with PayHOA.

They provide free onboarding, a 30-day free trial, and no contracts. Learn more about PayHOA.

  • User interface: Online dashboard with interchangeable widgets, manage everything from the online portal
  • Payment processing: collect dues online, Level 1 PCI compliant, free payments for HOA as fees go to residents
  • Customizable rules and limits: create violations and templates for enforcement, not parking related
  • Homeowner access: shared calendar to keep homeowners in the loop about upcoming events

#6: Condo Control

Condo Control has created solutions for the real needs of property managers and self-managed associations. Save both time and money by automating management with their easy-to-use features and web-based software. Condo Control even has a mobile app. Learn more about Condo Control.

  • User interface: training available to get the most out of the web-based software
  • Payment processing: online payments for amenity bookings, fines, rent, maintenance, and more
  • Customizable rules and limits: fully supports your existing rules, regulations, and parameters for parking
  • Homeowner access: mobile app gives residents access to what they need to know on-the-go

#7: WildApricot

WildApricot is a powerful cloud-based software designed to help you automate and simplify membership tasks. WildApricot features several tools to empower your organization, including a member database, website builder, payments, event management, email and contact database, a mobile app, online store, and widget integrations.

A support team is available at any step of the way. Learn more about Wild Apricot.

  • User interface: user-friendly web and mobile interface
  • Payment processing: online payments with recurring payments option
  • Customizable rules and limits: no options for violation reporting or parking management
  • Homeowner access: easy-to-use member database, event directories, and self-service payment accounts

#8: Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct boasts of their unlimited US-based technical support. Whether you are a landlord managing several properties or a property manager with thousands, Rentec Direct has the features you need for exceptional efficiency. Unlike Parking Boss, there are no parking tools. Rentec Direct features robust accounting abilities and offers a free 14-day trial. Learn more about Rentec Direct.

  • User interface: mobile app and web-based software for management and homeowners
  • Payment processing: credit, debit, or electronic cash payments for rent
  • Customizable rules and limits: not applicable for this software
  • Homeowner access: owner portal with valuable property data, ability to accept electronic signatures on forms, file library, work order management system

#9 Condo Manager

Condo Manger is a software well-suited for a property management company with many communities to manage. The software is versatile and intended to suit the needs of any manager’s day-to-day work. Condo Manager was designed by property managers with functions adapted to the daily tasks of management. Features include accounting, management, communication, and Building Register.

The Building Register module automates repair tasks, stores past maintenance information, and more. The only feature missing is parking. Learn more about Condo Manager.

  • User interface: advertises user-friendly functions
  • Payment processing: Direct Payment Module for collecting payments
  • Customizable rules and limits: doesn’t mention condo parking management or enforcement
  • Homeowner access: allows for communication between managers and homeowners via email or regular mail

#10: Bitrix 24

The final product on our list of best homeowners association software is Bitrix 24. This is a community association management solution with a free platform. This could be a great way to get started on a budget, but of course there are paid options with increasing levels of support and features. The portal allows condo owners to discuss important topics, vote on different initiatives, be a part of group chats, or form user interest groups.

There are also business tools for HOA management. Learn more about Bitrix24.

  • User interface: not specifically made for HOA but can work for residents
  • Payment processing: not available
  • Customizable rules and limits: not applicable for this product
  • Homeowner access: online chat forums

Buy the Best HOA Management Software today!

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find what you’re looking for. We hope this list of some of the best homeowners’ association software makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Need some help figuring out which one is best for you? Reach out to our experienced HOA/condo team to see if Parking Boss is the right fit for your association.

Also searching for a software to manage amenities? Learn how an amenity management system can be good for your HOA.