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Multifamily Insiders Talks With Melanie Verret of Greystar About Parking Solutions

Learn how she used Parking Boss to solve parking problems at some Greystar communities.

Parking at apartment communities has always been a challenge for management and residents alike. With fewer parking spaces going in at new properties across the country, the struggle to effectively manage the available spaces grows. This is where creative solutions come into play.

Brett Williams from Multifamily Insiders hosts a video series with leaders in the industry to chat about how they tackle common property management challenges. In this 15-minute video, he talked with Melanie Verret, Director of Real Estate at Greystar, about how some Greystar communities have conquered their parking challenges.

Main topics of the interview:

  • Parking challenges based on property type (high-rise, mid-rise, and garden-style). [00.50]
  • How Greystar communities previously took on parking issues. [01.41]
  • Why the previous methods didn’t work. [02.17]
  • What they did to finally take control of the parking problems. [04.18]
  • Parking Boss implementation and roll-out process. [05.20]
  • Reducing unauthorized occupants with Parking Boss. [06.00 & 10.00]
  • How guests register to park. [06.54]
  • How it works with tow companies/regular patrol. [08.23]
  • Ways Greystar properties earn ancillary income through parking. [11.13]
  • How residents responded to the roll-out of Parking Boss. [12.56]

Melanie shared with Brett how managing parking was extremely time consuming for their onsite teams, taking away from their ability to perform other day-to-day tasks. After finding out about Parking Boss (Community Boss' parking solution), they started using it at a few properties to see if it helped.

They quickly noticed that the parking management software took the work load off of the onsite teams and how easy it was to keep information up-to-date in Parking Boss.

“I think on my properties alone, we probably have [Parking Boss] on 80-85% of the properties and [parking is] very well managed now.” –Melanie Verret

Watch the video to find out how Parking Boss makes guest parking easy to register for and reduces unauthorized occupants.