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Introducing Luminous: Brilliant Solutions for Multifamily Living™

After a year full of challenges and growth, we’re excited to reintroduce the Luminous name.

“Rebranding to Luminous once again makes perfect sense as our goal of providing brilliant solutions remains the same.”

–Joel DuChesne, Co-Founder

2020 was a year full of challenges and changes, and we went through a lot of growth as a company. As a part of that growth, we’re excited to reintroduce the Luminous name. We’re known to many of our customers as Parking Boss, but we’ve always been operating behind the scenes as Luminous Corporation. Luminous was founded in 1997 as a design company, serving clients such as ESPN, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Fluke Networks.

When our Co-Founder Nathan bought a condo and attended his first HOA meeting, he saw the need for a way to fix their seemingly unsolvable guest parking problems. He and Co-Founder Joel quickly went to work creating the software that became known as Parking Boss. Since its start in 2011, Parking Boss has grown exponentially, serving both multifamily and HOA markets and is trusted by top management companies across the country.

The foundation we laid with Parking Boss allowed us to create new systems and find new ways to simplify other areas of management. After the start of the COVID pandemic last year, we reworked our guest parking permit engine to build Amenity Boss, helping communities reopen amenities while following healthy guidelines. Managers could set rules and time limits for each amenity, allowing residents to create digital amenity passes. This also made it simple to close amenities at certain times of the day for cleaning and sanitizing.

We also expanded our mapping capabilities beyond parking to the whole community. Community Boss was announced in November as the interactive hub for shared community spaces. Community Boss’ modern map, shown in a 3D model with real-world coordinates, brings communities to life on-screen. It serves as a 24/7 resident guide that answers residents’ most frequently asked questions, lets them reserve amenity spaces, register fairly for parking, quickly find and share specific locations, and even embark on virtual walking tours.

With these added solutions, we decided it was time to bring the Luminous name back into the spotlight. With our suite of multifamily and HOA solutions, you can turn your community spaces into a true asset.

We asked Joel what the rebrand means to him. “When we started Luminous in 1997 as a creative firm, we looked for a name that evoked bright ideas,” he said. “Unknown to most, Parking Boss ran as a DBA of Luminous for the past several years. So after introducing Amenity Boss in April 2020 and recently Community Boss, operating as three product names wasn’t a viable strategy moving forward. Rebranding to Luminous once again makes perfect sense as our goal of providing brilliant solutions remains the same.”

Rebranding included refining our look and launching a new site:, where you can find more information about Community Boss, Parking Boss, and Amenity Boss.

What does this mean for you?

Our mission has always been to make the best products we can, improve resident experiences, and add value to your communities. The customer service you’ve come to know and expect from us is also here to stay. Whether you’re using Parking Boss, Amenity Boss, Community Boss, or all three, you’ll always receive the same exceptional service from our team. Kindness, respect, and the best service we have to offer? Always. Done growing and improving upon who we were yesterday? Never.
We’re a team of thinkers, designers, engineers, problem-solvers, and helpers. We continue to serve the needs of our customers in the best way possible with simple and effective solutions. Thinking ahead to new opportunities and making better products that are easy to use will always be at the core of who Luminous is. It’s important to us that we also continue to make your communities more valuable. We work to continually grow in our support to you, your communities, and each other. As Luminous looks forward to 2021, we’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with you. Thanks for being an important part of who we are.