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How to Easily Set Up Guest Parking Passes For Your HOA Community

Simplify guest parking, enforce parking rules, and generate ancillary income with an HOA guest parking software solution like Parking Boss!

If our parking lots were a board game, we’d all want to achieve Monopoly’s “Free Parking” status. If your parking lots or areas mirror a vintage version of Monopoly with paper parking passes and clunky signage, then it’s time for an upgrade! And we’re not talking about a new board game—we’re jumping straight to a high-tech app.

Guest parking passes are the modern parking revamp that streamline your visitor parking process and upgrade your parking at the same time.

Physical Guest Parking Passes

Before we jump to the twenty-first century, let’s consider the pros and cons of old school paper parking passes.


  • Simple: Any community can use this ink-and-paper method
  • Familiar: This has been the go-to choice for years so it’s well-known to most visitors
  • Reproducible: Guest parking permits can be mass produced or easily purchased


  • In-person: Requires guests to visit office in person
  • Overnight: Difficult to distribute outside of business hours
  • Time: Takes valuable time from office staff
  • Wasteful: Management or board spends extra time printing and filling out passes
  • Replaceable: Easily lost, duplicated, or forged
  • Inconvenient: Visitors are less likely to ask for a pass
  • Enforcement: Can be transferred to another vehicle to trick patrol and cheat the system
  • Violations: If not displayed properly, guests can still be ticketed or towed
  • Unappealing: Hanging tags can be an eye sore in your community

Guest Parking Software

Now let’s progress to the present day high-tech solutions for digital guest parking software for your HOA or condo community.


  • Convenient: 24/7 self-service registration on the spot (no need to visit the office)
  • Irreplaceable: Can’t lose a guest parking pass or run out of stock since it’s digital
  • Obvious: Clear guest parking signage with a website and/or QR code
  • Secure: Not easily duplicated or forged or transferred to another vehicle
  • Enforcement: Easy to enforce who is/is not permitted through license plate numbers
  • Revenue: Generates additional revenue
  • Environmental: Digital methods are environmentally conscious
  • Liability: Creates a digital paper trail for liability purposes
  • Intent: Guest indicates where they are visiting so strangers are not lingering in your community


  • Tech skills: Non-tech-savvy individuals may be hesitant to test out new software
  • Internet: Someone may not have a smartphone or access to the internet
  • Resistance: Guests may not like change, new methods, or new procedures

How To Set Up Guest Parking Management for your HOA

While a game of Monopoly can last for hours (or days!), your HOA guest parking problems can end today, thanks to Parking Boss by Community Boss! Just like an intuitive app, our Parking Attendant solution is easy to set up and even easier to manage.

Designate guest parking areas throughout your community.

Be mindful of where guest vehicles frequently park, including delivery vehicles. Our community mapping feature can help with this.

Install guest parking signage.

Clearly label visitor parking with signage. Our commercial-grade signs include a link and QR code to register for guest parking, in addition to your custom logo and branding.

Establish guest parking limits.

Offer a certain amount of free guest parking time per home, per month to ensure fairness.

Communicate the new parking rules.

Parking Boss makes this easy! We provide documents that you can distribute to your residents so they understandyour updated parking policy and guest parking rules.

Happier guests and extra revenue.

That’s what guest parking permits can provide for your HOA or condo community!

5 Tips for Successful Guest Parking Management

Now that you have an HOA guest parking software solution, here’s how to win at parking month after month (just like collecting $200 when you pass Go).

Simplify guest parking registration.

By using a 24/7 online parking registration like Parking Boss’ Parking Attendant, guests can quickly create an electronic parking permit from the convenience of their own vehicle.

Establish clear parking rules and guest parking time limits.

Visitors won’t follow your rules if they’re too complicated. Stick with simple rules, such as “72 hours of free guest parking per unit per month” or “free parking for the first 15 minutes.”

Enforce your parking rules.

With simple rules, clear signage, and convenient registration, guest parking will be easier than ever. However, parking enforcement can ensure that visitors are not trying to bypass your HOA parking rules. (Not sure if free, self, or paid parking enforcement is best for your community? Click here to find out.)

Generate ancillary income.

By utilizing paid guest parking, your HOA can earn additional income—and that revenue can be used to further enhance your community.

Automate future parking management.

Modernizing your guest parking with Parking Boss provides more control over the parking in your entire community.

Try Parking Boss Today

Parking Boss is a trusted parking software solution that enhances your parking lots with 24/7 self-service guest parking, guards against rule breaking with automatic rule enforcement, and monetizes your community with paid guest parking. Schedule a free 20-minute demo today and learn how you can win at parking!