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How Parking Can Help Create a Better Resident Experience

Incorporating a smart parking solution can make a difference in resident retention and satisfaction.

Resident satisfaction drives your community’s success. With desirable amenities, you can foster good experiences through reliable services. So how can you create a great resident experience with the services you offer?

Implementing amenities that boost quality of life for residents and save them time are key. Technologies promoting convenience are great add-ons. This includes things like smart parking, app-based home security systems, online resident portals, and package lockers. Simplifying seemingly menial tasks can significantly increase renter satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at how incorporating a smart parking solution can make a difference in resident retention and satisfaction.

A welcoming community

First impressions are everything. Parking is the first experience people have at your community. Whether they’re visiting a friend, considering it as a future residence, or getting home from work, a great first impression leaves an impact. Well-managed parking means there’s space for everyone and fair access to guest parking.


A good parking management solution creates fairness in resident and guest parking. Parking Boss offers trackable Smart Decals that allow managers to limit how many vehicles residents have. With a smart parking platform, residents get an equal share of time in guest parking with easy tracking. Parking Boss’ platform allows managers to limit guest time per unit and accurately monitor all resident vehicles. With parking more organized and controlled, residents can be sure they’ll find a space to park after a long day at work.

Self-service advantage

Self-service guest parking eliminates the need to hand out and keep track of paper permits or hang tags. Self-service guest parking means guest permits can be issued at any time of the day. Being able to register guest permits right from their smartphones is especially attractive to residents and visitors.


With a well-organized parking management system, residents and guests are held accountable to your community’s parking rules. Residents know who belongs in the community with decals. A software like Parking Boss allows managers to track all registered residents and guests in real-time, ensuring nobody cheats the system. The playing field is leveled when everyone is held accountable.

Residents want community parking, and many are willing to pay.

A National Multihousing Survey reported that 20% of renters will leave their apartments in search of a community with better amenities. The NHMC/Kingsley 2017 Renter Preferences Report shared that 94% of survey respondents still owned a car, while 39% had two or more. Among other community amenities, parking was determined to be critical.

Even with the current push towards public transportation, 88% of people were interested in secure resident parking. Additionally, 71% of respondents agreed they wouldn’t move into a community if it didn’t offer parking. That’s a large percentage.

On the bright side, adding Smart Parking can benefit both management and residents. A recent NMFC study indicates 60% of renters are willing to pay more each month for premium reserved parking.

Looking for some more appealing amenities? Renters also like to have common areas and events which promote a sense of community and belonging. Smartphone-ready common rooms and outdoor areas with high-definition screens are appealing to residents who want to connect with their community. An added bonus for dog lovers is communities that accommodate their furry friends with dog-walking services and play spaces. All of these amenities cater to the modern resident’s needs and desires.

To create a better experience for your residents, try Parking Boss to start with keeping chaos out of the parking lot.